Monday, 29 February 2016

How to ease yourself into vintage???

By now most people have a vague idea about what vintage is. Basically, it's fashion from the past that we can wear as original pieces or that we take inspiration from.
Here at Dirty Fabulous we'd categorise "vintage" fashion as spanning between 1920's to the 1970's.
If we're feeling overly forgiving we'll sometimes allow the 80's in, but it doesn't happen often! Anything pre-1920's is heading into the world of antiquities and whilst incredibly beautiful to look at, it's not the most wearable fashion.

So before you work up the nerve to rock a full vintage look, you might want to dip your toes in the water.
Here are our top 5 tips on how to introduce yourself to vintage fabulousness!

No 1: The Full Fifties Skirt
Now, I'm sure you've probably worn a full skirt at some point, many modern dresses have voluminous skirts.
The key to making it look a little more vintage is all in the length. T- length to be precise. This means the skirt hem should finish anywhere from the below the knee to above ankle.
I hear all the time "I can't wear that length, I'm not tall enough". Well, I'm only 5ft 1" and I wear T-length skirts and culottes all the time.
Give it a go, you'll never feel so chic!

Image source Elle

Image source Atlantic Pacific

 Image source Elle

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 Image source PaperBlog

No. 2: The Red Lip
I'm so addicted to my vast collection of red lipsticks that I find it hard to come down for brekie with a natural pout. My face feels so naked without a splash of red lippy. It's the best trick I know for an instant pop of glamour. If you do  nothing else, just throw on some red lippy and you'll look like you've made an effort! 
Red lipstick = vintage style make-up so this is something anyone can try for very little money. 
This tip is a two parter though: Make sure you find the right shades to suit your skin tone. 
Don't try on a pinky red and think 'GAH! Not for me!'. Pick a berry hue or shade of coral and try again.
The best way to determine a good shade is to experiment either at a make-up counter with an expert or snap up some cheap lippies at your local Pennys, Euro Store or Chemist.
Have your foundation, cheeks and eyes already on then try one colour. See what you think, take a selfie. Then wipe it off and try another.

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 Image source

No 3: Colour Contrast
Not one that instantly springs to mind, I'll agree. But if you think mixing up your colours is a thoroughly modern fashion concept then think again! One of the aspects I love most about vintage fashion throughout the decades was how they weren't afraid to experiment with colour. They were daring with their palette choices and the results pushed their dresses into the realms of extraordinary.
So embrace your playful fashion side and be brave in your colour choices. 


Alex Perry 2016 image source

Schiaparelli image from Dazed

Chanel Haute Couture image source

Image source

Schiaparelli Fall 2015 Haute Couture image from Vogue

No 4: Winged Eye Liner
If you haven't tried this, it's probably the next simplest opener into the world of retro glamour. It might take a little practice but it will give an instant vintage look to any outfit. Personally, I wear winged eyeliner every single day. It's a habit I'm not willing to break!
You can make your eyeliner flicks as big as you like. Start with a little tail and extend it out to whatever suits you. The wider and thicker the line the more dramatic and pronounced the vintage effect. 

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Mary Kate Olsen image source

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No 5: Visit Dirty Fabulous
Obvious really! We work by appointment so it allows you total comfort to try lots of different styles outside of your comfort zone. We're super experienced and devoted to vintage fashion so we'll be able to suggest dresses to suit your body shape which are occasion appropriate. If you're not familiar with vintage clothing we'll introduce you to this gorgeous world gently. Even if you decide on the day that it's not for you, hopefully you'll walk away having had an hour of fashion fun!

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