Thursday, 3 March 2016

A forever letter!

There is something wonderful about getting letters in the post. It's such a rarity now, email, text and other electronic mail has pretty much replaced all non verbal communication.

I read something years ago as a teenager that advised to always keep love letters and always throw away bills and other impersonal mail clutter. It has always stayed with me, so I now have individually tied bundles of hand written letters from over the years. Lots from my Mum from when I first moved away and that continued over many years and through many house moves until Skype entered our lives. Some from my brother when he worked in Germany, and indeed some from old boyfriends, all kept for sentimental and nostalgic reasons.

So when I met Pierce Healy and got to know a little bit about his amazing etching I was really excited about his etched letters.
Pierce is a jeweller and hand engraver based in Dublin just around the corner from us here in Dirty Fabulous. I visited his studio above the Design Shop on Drury Street and he showed me a piece he was working on for a client. 

It was a copper plate about the size of a credit card with beautiful etched script. One side had the recipient's name and address and stamp and the other had the etched message from the sender.
It had a beautiful patina and I immediately thought it would be an amazing wedding keepsake, maybe special invitations to the bridal party or parents. It would make a beautiful love letter that you could keep in your wallet too. 
A forever letter.
The etchings are sent by registered post anywhere you like.

To order one of these beautiful forever letters email Pierce at -

He will need the following information so have a think before you start!

1 - What you want to say (45 characters max)
2 - The name and address of the person who will receive the greeting
3 - The desired date on which the letter will reach the recipient.

These beautiful keepsakes are €160.

Check out his website here -  Pierce Healy Studio

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