Friday, 30 October 2009

Luscious Halloween Photos...

On the hunt for some fabulous Halloweeny images Caroline came across these fantastical photos done in collaboration with the genius Tim Burton and the visionary Tim Walker for the October issue of Harper's Bazaar. I mean "Oh My God!" aren't they Spookily Spectacular!!!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Vintage Vogue Fashion Images

1960's amazing Dior, This baby pink was a popular colour and something we have come across before.

1950's Twilight prom with fur, we actually have something very similar to this dress in stock at the minute.

I just love the idea of this for a winter wedding, teaming a white gown with a vibrant Opera coat for a huge statement, very unique.

The quintessential 1950's prom dress...gotta love it!

Dior photo shoot for Iconic image, I'd be happy with any one of those vintage outfits!

I had to include this, the structure of the dress is astounding and the overall look Sophisticated Vamp, definitely something we would go for here in Dirty Fabulous

We do stock I.Magnin vintage pieces and it was really interesting for us to see the original advertising.

This is stunning, the model is styled in 50's perfection, if only we could dress like this everyday...bring back dressing as an art form I say...

More Dior...more Fabulousness!!!

Ava Gardner in an astounding Cobalt blue 50's prom dress. This is such an eye popping colour we always seek it out and at the minute we currently have three 50's proms in cobalt of various styles.

This dress is so similar to a wedding gown by Emma Domb that we sourced for a customer that it knocked my socks off when I saw it! She's going to look beautiful when she sashays down the aisle.

The 40's and 50's saw a strong use of mixing contrasting colours, using structural shapes and alternating textures. This gown is true Hollywood glam, you could just imagine it on the red carpet at Oscar time.

Another elegant 1950's white prom dress paired perfectly with black opera gloves.

A 1940's satin peplum wedding dress, super similar to one currently in stock in Dirty Fabulous

1950's Glamorous Tulle Bridal dress...vintage really is the only way to go!!!

Last week I came across a gorgeous site and I have to say I got completely lost in it for a few hours.
If you ever asked yourself "whats the big deal about vintage?" then take a look of these beauties, courtesy of My Vintage Vogue.
I just want all of those dresses!
We have seen similar ones come into Dirty Fabulous and it's all part of the fun of vintage never know what your going to come it!
Hope you enjoyed the images as much as I did, check out the above website for more.
See you soon in Dirty Fabulous

Vintage Bridal and Me!

1930's Ivory Velvet Wedding Gown with Train

1950's Blush Pink Taffeta Gown

Dirty Fabulous does Carrie Bradshaw! 1950's Duck Egg Organza Gown

1950's White Lace and Tulle Prom Dress

1950's Cute Ribbon Detail Lace Prom Dress

1950's Daisy Tulle Prom Dress

1960's Buttery Lace Wedding Dress with Veil

1950's Crisp White Brocade Bridal Dress

1950's Lace and Tulle Panel Prom Dress with Birdcage Veil

1930's Bias Cut liquid Candlelight Satin Wedding Gown

As our vintage wedding dresses seem to be flying out the door we thought we better take some photos of some of our current dresses before they are all gone!
So in absence of time and our usual model, the lovely Charlotte Jane, we had to do a quick photo session yesterday in between appointments, with yours truly modelling!
We styled up the dresses in a number of combinations to give you some ideas, but the fantastic thing with a vintage wedding dress is that the only limits are your go wild and have some fun on your Big Day!
Phone us on 01 6624249 or email for an appointment.
This is just a small selection of our bridal collection...see you all soon!

More Dirty Fabulous Vintage Dresses!

Pistachio 50's Wiggle Dress €280

Turquoise and Gold Brocade 50's wiggle dress €200

Bloomingdale's 50's party dress €190

1950's Autumnal prom dress €235

Harry Keiser Liquid Satin Scarlet dress €395

1950's Hollywood Glam Velvet Gown €350

Mint green 1940's Chic Dress €220

1950's Cherry Red Wiggle Dress €180

Here are a few more images of our gorgeous vintage party dresses teamed up with lots of vintage accessories.
I hope you agree that they are just perfect for upcoming festive balls, party's and winter weddings.
Phone or email us on 01 6624249
For an appointment
Or alternatively drop in any time on a Thursday between 11am and 8pm, no appointment needed!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New York Vintage Collection Fall 09

1960's Bead drenched baby pink Tunic Dress € 260

1950's Cobalt Blue Prom Dress €260

1960's Pink and White floral suit with Rhinestone accents €330

1960's Metallic Violet and Lime Party Dress €180

1950's Ice Blue Silk Wiggle Dress €250

1970's Rhinestone Hostess Gown €170

1950's Twilight Prom Dress €240

A.J. Bari 1980's Party Dress €160

Rose Taft evening gown €625

It's been a long wait, sorry about that guys! But here are a selection of our vintage dresses for the Fall 09 exclusively from New York.
We've tried to include everything in this seasons collection from liquid satins, luscious velvets, hot party dresses and of course the highly sought after 50's proms.
We've oodles more photos to take tomorrow including images of our amazing vintage bridal collection (which is flying out the door!)
Make sure you check back over the next couple of days to see the new posts.
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