Thursday, 20 December 2012

Loving Boudoir Girls Galway!!!

Recently Caroline and I attended one of our great friends hen parties in Galway. It was a stylish, relaxed and laid back affair set in the The Raddison Blu Galway. The weekend was made extra special by the lovely Natalie from Boudoir Girls who took pictures of the whole group within the theme of Desperate Housewives.
Boudoir girls arranged for everyone to have their make-up done whilst we sipped bubbles. The whole event took place in a fabulous private room in the hotel in front of a roaring fire and Christmas tree.
Whats not to love!?!
Below are a few pictures of Dirty Fabulous dresses in attendance and some perfect group pics.
The bride to be absolutely adored the whole afternoon and has the photos as a keepsake for such an important event.
I couldn't recommend Boudoir Girls enough! There wasn't one person in the group who didn't love their photo, even Caroline who's worst nightmare is spending an afternoon having her picture taken raved about it and as you can see from below her picture is gorgeous!

Caroline wearing her vintage fire engine red satin party dress

I'm wearing a 1950s ice blue satin halter-neck prom dress embellished with sequins

Dirty Fabulous 1950s green/blue satin brocade wiggle dress

Desperate Housewives eat your heart out!

 Housewifey fun and frolics!

A lovely memento for the Hen of the whole group

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

1960s Cooooool!

Oh this is good, it's very very good! Makes me want to time travel back to the swinging 60s, don a teeny mini, rock a pixie crop and trot around arm in arm with a stylish bad boy!

Thought I'd share this super stylish video from the 'Modfather' shoot which featured some Dirty Fabulous retro frocks and accessories. 

Something a little different for two Dirty Fabulous brides...

An Evening Affair

Claire wore her Dirty Fabulous 1950s yellow tulle prom, bespoke emerald green hair piece and green beaded bag during her wedding abroad. I absolutely adore the colour combinations. The whole look is super fun!

1940's Sophistication

Elaine was the epitome of vintage elegance on her wedding day with Dirty Fabulous 1940s lace wedding gown and full length veil. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Gifts good enough for Elizabeth Taylor!

Elizabeth Taylor's passion for beautiful jewellery is world renowned and well chronicled. Elizabeth worked and saved from a young age to buy her first pieces of costume jewellery. After she married her first husband Mike Todd she began collecting more exquisite pieces as Mike would use any occasion to bestow a diamond encrusted gift on his new wife! Her collection grew, vastly, as did the number of her marriages. Richard Burton in particular showered the great love of his life with the worlds rarest and most spectacular diamonds.
Elizabeth believed herself to be the temporary guardian of her jewellery collection. She knew one day it would be  auctioned off to other lucky collectors, indeed the most recent auction of her amazing collection took in €89 million, a staggering figure!
Now as much as we all would have loved one of these fine pieces unfortunately the prices are way beyond us mere mortals, but luckily, Dirty Fabulous has your back!
Like Elizabeth we love the sparkle, and whereas Elizabeth's were diamonds and emeralds ours are rhinestone but they still look stunning.
 Below are a few of our vintage necklaces, brooches, bracelets and earrings from the 1930's to 60's that evoke the glamour of Elizabeth Taylor.
The prices range from €80 to €160

An elegant piece of jewellery that you have spent time choosing for the one you love makes the perfect gift for Christmas.
For any more information on our vintage jewellery or appointments call on 01 6111842 or email

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rose Lawless: The Dazzling Cabaret Revolution!

The hilariously entertaining Rose Lawless is back with a Christmas Cabaret from December 17th to 22nd in The New Theatre.
We're huge fans here in Dirty Fabulous and can't wait to see what Rose Lawless has up her sleeves this year! Tickets are available from The New Theatre and are a friendly on the festive pocket €15.
Vintage dress is encouraged and there are lots of prizes throughout the run for best dressed, Dirty Fabulous will be there on the 20th to help with the judging.
Now...what to wear?

Oscar The Hypno Dog

I love dogs...I love this poster...I pretty much love everyone involved with this album...This is so up Dirty Fabulous's street that after we've reluctantly moved on from the Christmas music in the shop we will be serenading you with this! The album is available to download now from Itunes or pop into a store and buy it the old fashioned way!!!
To raise even more money for Dogs in Distress a benefit event will take place on Friday 14th of December in The Working Mans Club in Dublin.
Tickets are €20 and are available from Ticketmaster.
The night will feature some very special guests and some very special donated prizes for the audience to get their mitts on, including a mint condition pair of ivory kid leather Christian Dior 3/4 length gloves from Dirty Fabulous.
I've had my eye on these since we sourced them and I have to say I'll miss them desperately but my loss is Dogs in Distress's gain!!!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Vintage Life

1950's De Paul red wool beaded cardigan €140
1940's sheer ivory pleated blouse €180

1950's plush black fur stole €260
1960's full length black brocade coat with rhinestone buttons and trims €640

1950's plush black fur stole €260
1950's Red satin wiggle dress €240
1950's Suzy Perette black taffeta prom dress €380
1950s shelf bust ivory tulle dotted gown €690
1940's sheer ivory pleated blouse €180

1950s cream fully beaded one shoulder wiggle dress €520
1940's dark mink cape €320

Dirty Fabulous featured in an utterly smashing festive edition of Vintage Life Magazine styled by Carmel Daly.
Vintage Life is packed full of retro fashion and beauty articles along with fascinating vintage tit-bits! We have just signed up to a subscription but you can buy them in Easons on O'Connell Street, Dublin.
The whole look is gorgeous and the red head model has more than a look of Bette Davis! 
For your Christmas party outfits and gifts call us on 01 6111842 or email for an appointment.