Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Oscar The Hypno Dog

I love dogs...I love this poster...I pretty much love everyone involved with this album...This is so up Dirty Fabulous's street that after we've reluctantly moved on from the Christmas music in the shop we will be serenading you with this! The album is available to download now from Itunes or pop into a store and buy it the old fashioned way!!!
To raise even more money for Dogs in Distress a benefit event will take place on Friday 14th of December in The Working Mans Club in Dublin.
Tickets are €20 and are available from Ticketmaster.
The night will feature some very special guests and some very special donated prizes for the audience to get their mitts on, including a mint condition pair of ivory kid leather Christian Dior 3/4 length gloves from Dirty Fabulous.
I've had my eye on these since we sourced them and I have to say I'll miss them desperately but my loss is Dogs in Distress's gain!!!

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