Monday, 26 April 2010

My Current Fashion Crush!

Loving the necklace

So many many colours...

Causing a new found appreciation for sweater clips around the world

Super Cute and Girlie

Sweater clips found on Etsy

courtesy of

If you look up Glee online one of the first things to pop up is fashion, particularly Emma Pillsburys' fashion.
I am not alone in my lurve for this doe eyed anti-diva and her penchant for a quirky twin set and pearls; the whole world loves this ladies style!!!
If the Stepford Wives had a playful side their wardrobes would have looked something like Emmas.
To summarise, it's vintage with a twist, or another way to put it, vintage that has been pulled through a rainbow and plonked into a 21st Century High School!
Inspired by Glee I've been wearing lots of combinations of blues/pinks and reds, Yellows and purples and beads and baubles galore...subtle it ain't...but it makes me smile!
I'm certain that we'll be looking out for vintage sweater pins, vivid necklaces and pretty cardis on our next buying trip in May.
Start singing those recessionary blues away and let out your inner Gleek!!!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Dolls Boutique & Bibi's Cafe!

Beautiful storefront

Bibi's Cafe

Yummy French Toast


Lovely Lovely Lovely!

Yes that is a puppy! (Get into my handbag please...)

Gorgeous Decor, gorgeous clothes

Loving it!

Luckily on my super busy sunny Saturday I had the chance to call into Dolls new location on Emorville Avenue just off South Circular.

For those of you unfamiliar with the area, it's got a New York Greenwich feel to it, all red brick Victorian houses, cool cafes and hipsters galore.

It has been quite residential so I hope Petria and her sister Maisha can start to change this. I absolutely love the idea of this place, it was super buzzy on Saturday in the boutique and the cafe were serving up a storm.

Being a small business ourselves we know how much local and loyal support independent retailers need. The service, stock and general feeling is always a million times better than high street chain stores!!!

Hmmm... I wonder would Dolls Like a new neighbour!

Anyway go visit it and stop off for some dreamy sponge cake!!!

So this is what a Saturday is like!

Bits and Bobs of coolness

Retro Rocks!

The DJ was definitely pumping out some serious summer tunes!

Hours could be lost rummaging through Toe Jam

The Big Blue Bus...where we later indulged in some much needed pizzas for soakage!

Having always worked in retail its a rare thing for me to have a Saturday off for pure unadulterated leisure and I couldn't have asked for a better day or weather.

A group of us headed to the Toe Jam Car Boot sale which takes place out the back of the Bernard Shaw pub on South Richmond Street.

There was definitely a real festival feel about the place. We enjoyed some tasty African barbeque chicken, the hubby purchased some classic novels for cheap as chips and then we left promising to come back later for the afternoon sun and some beverages. (Turned out to be a lot of beverages actually!)

Highly, highly recommended peeps!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

April Fashion Bloggers Brunch!!!

Tasty Tasty Tasty....

The sun is shining, everybody smileeeee


The lovely Sinead and Lisa

With this weather it's hard not to channel Parisian chic!

So needed, and oh so enjoyed was today's Fashion Bloggers Brunch in Milanos on Dawson street.
I'm already a big lover of Milanos, super service and the best salad around (That's the Bosco by the way!) but it was fantastic to meet up with the bloggers for this one.

We had a good natter about charred and definitely Dirty Fabulous and we all decided it's time for some positive thinking and stratagising!

We also found time to converse over...

iPod applications (how do we get one for Dirty Fabulous!)

Shoe lusts: Yours truly is Christian Louboutin Engin Nude Studded Pumps...please, please be mine....

The gorgeous weather....makes us want to consume more wine, why is that?

New haircuts...again definitely brought on by the weather, next I'll be organising my wardrobe!

The success of The Absolute Style at Set in Kilkenny last weekend, Blanaid Hennessy is a miracle worker...go to next years event people!

And of course our bountiful goody bags courtesy of Coty and containing oodles of yummy Rimmel and Sally Hanson products.

Thanks as always to Annemarie for organising and Milanos for the fabulous food!!!

Hello Again and Thank you For Your Support!!!

Just a quick note to say a huge, immense, vast, heartfelt thank you to everyone for their good wishes, offers of help and general fabulousness during these last few weeks.

We've just about recovered but we are still in the middle of cleaning up, sorting insurance and all things messy in such times!

I haven't had a second to reply to all the amazing emails and phone messages but we really, really, really appreciate all the love and support that has been shown to Caroline, myself and of course Dirty Fabulous!

We're still in limbo about where and when Dirty Fabulous will reopen, but when we know, you will!!!

I'm going to keep blogging in the meantime to keep you updated on all things vintage, beautiful, stylish and of course fabulous....make sure you follow the blog my lovelies!!!

Social & Personal April 10

Wowzers! I absolutely adore this photo of our 1930's blush pink satin gown. The model is truly working our dress and the always amazing Roxanne Parker has styled the whole shoot perfectly.

Check it out in this months Social & Personal.

Confetti Summer 10

1950's Teal Beaded prom dress (top right)

Stylist: Charlotte MacDonald
Photographer: Tiberiu Coroliuc

1920's Style beaded flapper dress

Dirty Fabulous bespoke headpiece (on right)

1950's faux pearl and crystal necklace (on right)

Stylist: Roxanne Parker
Photographer: Agata Stoinska

Hi Folks, sorry for the absence, we've been recovering from the shock of our loss of premises and stock due to fire!
Luckily though the pieces in these shoot were taken out well before said disaster and they've just been published.
I hope you agree they look ravishing, alas they are no more but at least we have photographic evidence of them!!!