Monday, 26 April 2010

My Current Fashion Crush!

Loving the necklace

So many many colours...

Causing a new found appreciation for sweater clips around the world

Super Cute and Girlie

Sweater clips found on Etsy

courtesy of

If you look up Glee online one of the first things to pop up is fashion, particularly Emma Pillsburys' fashion.
I am not alone in my lurve for this doe eyed anti-diva and her penchant for a quirky twin set and pearls; the whole world loves this ladies style!!!
If the Stepford Wives had a playful side their wardrobes would have looked something like Emmas.
To summarise, it's vintage with a twist, or another way to put it, vintage that has been pulled through a rainbow and plonked into a 21st Century High School!
Inspired by Glee I've been wearing lots of combinations of blues/pinks and reds, Yellows and purples and beads and baubles galore...subtle it ain't...but it makes me smile!
I'm certain that we'll be looking out for vintage sweater pins, vivid necklaces and pretty cardis on our next buying trip in May.
Start singing those recessionary blues away and let out your inner Gleek!!!

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Elaine Scully said...

I'm not a Glee fanatic but on the odd time I've tuned in I've been so in awe of Emmas Style that I don't hear a word that's been said. Her clothes are so cutzy and it. Jumper clips Pic is divine - great piece
Elaine Scully