Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year Vintage Darlings!!!

Perhaps you'll be wearing something as fabulous or as outrageous as these ladies!!! Or maybe you'll be snuggling in with your loved ones in your pjs. Whatever you are doing, Dirty Fabulous wishes you a brilliant New Year and we can't wait to see you in January!

Christian Dior, 1961 by Mark Shaw

 Vogue Paris, 1965 by Irving Penn

 Balenciaga 1957

Helmut Newton for Vogue, 1970's

Monday, 28 December 2015

Introducing Rebecca Rose - Stylist

You may or may not know that us gals from Dirty Fabulous hail originally from Monaghan. We've lived in Dublin for too long to mention but now we divide our time between both counties.

Dirty Fabulous has always loved collaborating with other businesses and individuals nationwide but when we meet someone new from our home town it's always lovely.

I came across Rebecca Rose on Instagram after I saw that she had attended some of the same fashion events as we had in Dublin but then I noticed she had also been at a fashion show in Monaghan the same night as I had... which was pretty surprising so I had to investigate!

Turns out that Rebecca has recently ventured into the world of styling and similar to myself she divides her time between Dublin and Monaghan! 

After arranging a coffee date with Rebecca I was so impressed with her enthusiasum and flair for style that I invited her to visit us in Dirty Fabulous to style up some vintage looks.

On the day, we were lucky enough to have our good friend and rockstar photographer, Aga, from White Tea shooting in store and she was able to take a few shots of Rebecca in the vintage outfits she'd styled.

So I'd like to introduce you to the lovely Rebecca...

These next few images were taken by camera phone:

I chose this dress for Rebecca as I thought it would be super cute on her!

To help you get to know Rebecca a little better I posed a few questions to her:
Take it away Rebecca....

 First, tell me a little about yourself and your background                                               
    I am a twenty something year old with what some would call an addiction to fashion and style!  For my day job, I teach health, fitness and SPHE to early school leavers, a million miles away from the glittering lifestyle of a fashion blogger and stylist. However as much as I enjoy my work I have a passion for something else – Fashion, I do look forward to getting home in the evenings to scan Twitter or Instagram for the latest fashion news and to work on and write my next blog!
    What has drawn you to styling?
    I love styling because it gives me the freedom to express who I really am. I enjoy giving advice and tips to people and help evoke refreshing ideas about building a new wardrobe.
    I feel I have a natural ability for styling and so decided to do a course with the Image Academy, where I realised I was making the right decisions and I gained the confidence to pursue my dream to start styling and blogging. Since then I haven’t looked back.
    Knowing that after a styling session with me, I may be able to help someone feel better, become more confident and be a happier person in themselves, is incredibly important for me.

     A person’s style is so much more than just the outfit that you pick. What you wear on the outside directly relates to how you feel on the inside. I truly believe that I can inspire you to grow in confidence, self-esteem and ultimately help clients to unleash their inner love for fashion!

      Where do you look for inspiration and who inspires you?

     As you may have seen, I met my ultimate fashion icon during the summer, Olivia Palermo when she came to Dublin to launch the CIATE makeup line and it was a pleasure to meet her and speak to her. She even gave me some advice.  
    In saying that, for me inspiration is all around, I enjoy choosing clothes according to my surroundings or environments. I also enjoy following Miroslava Duma, she is a successful Russian writer and entrepreneur, her style is feminine, flattering and classy. I want her wardrobe!

      How did you come across Dirty Fabulous?

     I have been a huge fan of vintage clothing from a young age, especially after I was fortunate enough to inherit some stunning vintages pieces from my Gran, all of which I still have and use for special occasions. 
    Since being introduced to vintage items from an early age, I then often took trips to Dublin specifically to go vintage shopping and coming across Dirty Fabulous., I have been following this amazing boutique for years on Facebook and Instagram.
    I have also visited many times on the lookout for the perfect vintage outfit, I just want everything!
More recently, I attended the launch of Hollyblue’s new collection and was also a judge at Monaghan Fashion Fix, where I got talking to Kathy from Dirty Fabulous, it was so great to finally meet the ladies who have inspired me for many years.

What are your thoughts on vintage fashion? Is it something you are familiar with?

Yes I absolutely love vintage clothing, the authenticity and the stories behind each item of clothing never fail to impress and draw me in.  I am also very lucky to have some amazing pieces picked up at Vintage shows or stalls, one particular amazing coat (which I'm saving for a “special day”), a fabulous fur coat all the way from Paris, along with some handbags and stunning brooches, all of which I adore  and wear on special occasions.

What can a customer expect who comes to you for advise?

A personal styling session is only successful if a thorough consultation is carried out, so that's the first thing.  I speak to my client making them feel as comfortable as possible, discussing what she/he wants to get out of the session, or what occasion they are attending. Then we would take a walk around the shops! I show the client some suitable items for their body type and try them on and I show how to style difficult items.  
Obviously each client's requirements are different, so each session can take many different routes. I also feel it’s important to introduce something new to my clients, helping them to experiment with something they may not have tried. Many clients suffer from confidence issues with regards to body type or shape and it is my role to help them overcome this and feel happier within themselves after our session is complete. I always make sure my client goes home after our hour session, with at least one full outfit on which they can build.

What services do you offer?

I offer a number of services from personal styling sessions, wardrobe detoxes, talks on creating a capsule wardrobe to body type assessment.  I am willing to travel and have worked in numerous locations including Blanchardstown shopping centre in Dublin and Belfast City.

       What does the future hold for Rebecca Rose Styling? How do you envisage your career developing?

      Wow that is a big question – I’ve been blogging and styling for about 6 months and am so grateful for all the opportunities that have already arisen.  I love what I do and plan to keep doing it as much as possible.  
      Styling is my passion and building my client base is my priority.  In time, I would love it to be my full time career and to be able to make a living from it.  I also hope to continue blogging and reach out to as many fashion enthusiasts as possible and to grow my blog to the best that it can be.
       I know it’s a "tough industry" as I have already been told but for all those standing in my way there is someone behind me pushing me to succeed and I am thankful to have those supporting me.  
    You can follow Rebecca on her blog, Facebook and Instagram.
    We can see this lady getting real busy real quick so get in there early!


Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas!!!

images from Pinterest

Happy Christmas to all our wonderful customers, friends and family! We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with good old fashioned fun and frolics. We're off to enjoy some epic vintage festivities!
See you in the New Year, we'll be open again on Tuesday January 5th 2016.
Kathy & Caroline

Monday, 21 December 2015

Vintage Winter Wedding Inspiration!

It's possible by now that you're beginning to plan your Winter wedding for next year. There's a lot to think about between now and then but we all know one of the most important aspects for any bride is what she's going to wear. For Winter brides this can be even trickier as many slinky, low cut dresses and flimsy fabrics available to brides just don't say "Winter wedding".

A vintage wedding dress could offer you everything you've been searching for.
They are often made of heavier, sumptuous fabrics like lace, brocade and rayon. Add to this details such as high, illusion top necklines and long sleeves allowing elegant coverage for those cold Winter Months.

Even if you have a modern wedding dress you can add a touch of vintage glamour and vital warmth with a 1940's stole or 1950's beaded cardigan. The right accessories will enhance your beautiful dress to Winter princess heights!

Take some inspiration from these original vintage photographs followed by a some of our own Dirty Fabulous Winter worthy dresses....

Vintage Bridal Images:  

December Vogue 1955
Dior 1953
House Blamain
September Vogue 1957

Balmain Fur photo by Tom Kubin 1959


Jean Patou 1962

Dirty Fabulous Vintage Bridal:

1960's ivory satin sheath dress with beading

1950's ivory tulle and lace wedding gown worn with 1940's wide brim hat and tippet

1960's ivory beaded wedding gown with 1930's feather cape

1950's style tea length wedding dress with illusion top, crystal belt and stole

1950's tulle wedding gown with sparkly polka dots and stole

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Vintage Winter Wear

Vintage fashion is perfect for the cold Winter months which is why it's one of our favourite times of the year. Fabrics from the 1950's and 60's were often heavier and of higher quality which means they can keep you warmer. As many of the dresses had sleeves and longer skirt lengths they are perfect for wearing in colder months and they don't look too summery when worn.

And did I mention the accessories? How better to keep warm and toasty than wearing some gorgeous long gloves, a pretty hat, cardi and a stole? Layers are key to staying stylish during freezing temperatures. Don't be afraid of mixing up patterns, colours and textures. If you aren't sure where to start then take a peak at some of the vintage images below and then our own Dirty Fabulous vintage dresses! 

Vintage Fashion Photography From Pinterest:

 House of Dior 1950's

Vogue 1963
Tania Mallet in 1963 photo by John French

 Sears 1964

 1950's Balenciaga by Clifford Coffin

 1950's Jean Patou

 1956 vintage fashion

 Dovima in Hattie Carnegie in the 1950's

 Jean Patchett in the 1950's

1960's vintage fashion

Dirty Fabulous Vintage Winter Fashion: