Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Lost Fashion History of Dublin Tours 2016: A must for your summer diary!!!

Summer is a time for making plans, going out exploring and finding new and interesting things to do to fill up those long days. The Lost Fashion History of Dublin Tours offer a unique perspective of our city that's perfect for anyone interested in fashion, history or the buildings we pass by every day.

I for one have passed many buildings with interesting frontage and wondered what business began there. Your guide on the tours will be Ruth Griffin of Rua Ruth a fashion writer, stylist and historian extraordinaire.
This lady has an abundance of knowledge that will keep you entertained and wanting to know more!
Ruth Griffin

The fashion history tours take place one Saturday a month until October and each tour covers a specific area with it's own rich history of sales merchants, tailors and boutiques of past.

Dirty Fabulous will even be featured on the Grafton Street tour on July 9th and we can't wait to find out what Ruth has discovered about our own Victorian building and it's previous occupants.  

Here's a little breakdown of each tour and I think you'll agree they are all amazingly interesting.  

O'Connell Street Tour Saturday 2nd of July:

Ruth will guide you around Dublin's original promenade. This tour looks back at the street's days of splendour from the fashion worn in its 18th century houses to the style to be found in the great Victorian department stores of the time. It also looks at the dramatic events and the strikingly clad revolutionary women who stormed the GPO in 1916 and into the 20th century when O'Connell Street became the place to be seen and snapped in the chicest looks of the day at the stylish cinemas, hotels and ballrooms.

Grafton Street Ladies Tour Saturday 9th of July:

The tour is a trip down Dublin's most renowned and beautiful fashion street. Learn more about the most iconic fashion destinations in this area such as Brown Thomas and Switzers. You'll even be taking a trip into Dirty Fabulous to hear more on the creative seamstresses, tailors and furriers in the area from the Victorian era to the 1960's. End your tour in the surroundings of beautiful vintage clothing from a bygone time.

The Liberties Tour Saturday 23rd of July:

The Liberties was the thriving textile district of Dublin from the late 1600s onwards and over the years there has been every kind of textile production in this quarter from silk and linen weavers, leather tanners, cloth dyers and poplin manufacturers. This tour will take a stroll through this fascinating area with a look at where and how textiles were produced in the area from Tailors' Hall, Francis Street, Weaver's Street and Newmarket Square to The National College of Art and Design on Thomas Street where fashion and textiles continues to develop in the city today. This tour will finish at Teeling's Distillery who originally had a distillery in Marrowbone Lane and are also part of the historic fabric of the area. 

Grafton Street Gentleman's Tour Saturday 13th of August:

The lost tours hasn't forgotten about our dapper gentlemen. They are welcome on all tours but this one is specifically for them.
Grafton Street has been where Dublin gents have cut a dash in the sharpest tailoring of the day. Whether a man was looking for a master tailor in Brown Thomas, a new hat at one of the excellent hat-makers on Grafton Street in the Victorian era, a stylish coiffure or a packet of cigars in the many shops which were dotted along the street or indeed a motoring waterproof from Crotty's. This tour reveals where an impeccably dressed man shopped over the centuries in Dublin and takes in some of its oldest and finest Gentlemen establishments. You are welcome to finish this tour with a whiskey on the rocks in Farrier & Draper as only a well-dressed chap would expect.

South William Street Tour Saturday 27th if August:
Without doubt one of our favourite area's and it still raises the bar in terms of creativity. Follow in the footsteps of Dublin's makers, manufacturers, milliners, furriers and dressmakers. South William Street was the original garment district of Dublin where fashion sold on the beautiful boulevard of Grafton Street was designed and made. This tour brings you on a fashion journey through the makers and merchants who peopled the street from the 19th right up until now. The grand fashion finale of this tour will be at Om Diva and 2nd Space in The Central Dairy which is home to the newest Irish designers, makers and milliners who people the Creative Quarter today. You are welcome to finish this tour with a drink in Farrier & Draper which was formerly the fashion warehouse Ferrier Pollock.

Merrion Street Tour Saturday 1st of October:

Merrion Square has been a centre for couture in Dublin for centuries. Whether it was 18th century Lords and Ladies promenading in Parisian silks in their private gardens, the 19th century's bohemians in velvet smoking jackets who gathered at Lady Wilde's salon at Number 1 or the twentieth century styles icons; from Jacqueline Kennedy to the Rockefellers who were dressed in the chicest looks from Sybil Connolly at Number 71. Step back in time, rediscover the square's glorious past, and see the studios of couturiers and milliners who are the present day fashion residents.

Tickets are available from and are only €12; absolutely fantastic value! If we weren't open every Saturday we'd be booking our spots on every single tour. At the moment we'll have to make do with seeing you on the Grafton Street tour in Dirty Fabulous and Caroline is super excited to be attending the Merrion Street tour.

Grab a couple of your gal pals, take a tour through our incredible city and learn about it's rich fashion history. Then head of for lunch in one of Dublin's many chic spots to chat over all the hidden secrets you've uncovered. What could be a more perfect way to spend a Saturday! 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Spotlight On Vintage: 1960's Cadoro Necklace

"Cadoro" late 60's ivory beaded necklace with gold pressed, scroll leaves, decorated with mint green and baby blue ceramic flowers.

This is an incredible statement necklace from a great collectible vintage designer. It's a very wearable piece in pastel shades with a touch of golden glamour.
Based in New York, Cadoro was founded two friends Steven Brody and Daniel Stoenescu in 1954. Their jewellery was sold in luxury stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.
Apparently their motto was "Famous jewelry for the rich and famous!".

Cadoro became known for their inventive jewellery which was handcrafted using traditional crystals, gold and silver toned metals, beautiful rhinestones and glass crystals from all over the world, seed pearls and stones from the ocean. They were determined to use only the finest sources for their pieces.

Cador's customers included Wallis Simpson (The Duchess of Windsor) and Barbara Streisand. The company closed in 1987 and some of their collection are preserved in New York's Metropolitan Museum and The Museum of Modern Art.
This label is highly prized by vintage collectors as the jewellery was produced in limited numbers and is quite rare and unusual.

We're absolutely delighted to stock this piece of vintage design history as I don't think we'll come across another!

Our fabulous Cadoro necklace is €290.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hair vines - 8 reasons why we love them!

1. Versatility
Hair vines can be worn in a multitude of different ways. You can make them work with an upstyle or with your hair down. So even if you've fallen in love with a hair vine but haven't had your hair trial, rest assured, your hairdresser will be able to work it in regardless!

Available from Dirty Fabulous €200

2. Prettiness!
Most hair vines have a combination of sparkling stones, pearls and silver or gold tone metal making them some of the prettiest options for your wedding day!

3.Boho perfection
If you're striving for a boho lux look then you NEED a hair vine to complete your ensemble. Secure your headpiece so that it runs over your forehead and you're good to go!

Image by Fiona Clair Photography via Rock n Roll Bride

Available from Dirty Fabulous €210

4. Comfortable to wear all day
You're wedding day can be quite epic, from the early rise to start your beauty preparations to being the last two love-birds to leave the dance floor. With this in mind it's important to be comfortable all day, last thing you want is a hair-style induced headache... nightmare!
Hair vines can be pinned in neatly or tied with ribbons meaning they can be secured with very little hassle and certainly no pressure.

Available from Dirty Fabulous €155

5. A sparkling alternative to a floral crown
You love the idea of a floral crown but it's just not...well you... A hair vine could be the perfect compromise. Dainty enough so as not to be overpowering but has a definite touch of glamour. 

Available from Dirty Fabulous €175

6. They are timeless
Hair vines can work with any bridal look without dating it. So whether you are aiming for romtaically classic, 1920's Gatsby, retro or modern; a hair vine can be the perfect addition to tie your bridal style together.

Available from Dirty Fabulous €85

7. They can be worn with veils
This is possibly my favourite thing about hair vines! I love the dramatic and etheral look of a full veil worn over the face with a hair vine tied to secure it.
I also love a full length Juliet veil worn with a hair vine and a shorter, mid length wedding dress, it just harks back to the 1920's and Deco days!

Enchanted Atelier  headpiece photographed by Laura Gordon via One Fab Day

Available from Dirty Fabulous €175

8. Added oomph for the back!
Many bridal hairpieces are worn near the front of the face or to the side but even though you won't be able to see it too much; wearing your vine to the back means everyone else can enjoy it! 
You will, after all be standing for quite some time with your back to your guests, and then there's the first dance. Your guests will be able to ooh and ahh over your gorgeous hair decoration!

Available from Dirty Fabulous €75

Monday, 20 June 2016

Spotlight on Vintage: 1940's Novelty Print Suit

We literally squealed with glee when this 1940's suit arrived from America. Novelty prints are hugely popular with vintage followers and they can be quite rare.
This gorgeous little number features a silk print of Art Deco style sports people.... random right?

But that's the joy of novelty prints. They became fashionable in the 1940's and 50's possibly as a form of whimsical expression after the fraught and lenient war years. 
This suit has a chic brown cropped jacket with a printed pussy bow closure. It's an absolute darling! We've added a pair of 1950's chartreuse, ruched gloves in one picture that compliments the print itself.

To find out more about this incredible vintage piece call 01 6111842 or email

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Get Your Rocks Off!

If diamonds are a girls best friend then rhinestones and crystals must be the mothers they always turn to! 
Don't underestimate the loveliness of semi-precious stones and crystals. The subtle tones of these jewels have an alluring sparkle that are never brash.
We're such big fans of the raw beauty of semi-precious stones and vintage crystals that we thought we'd pair them together.
Behold the shimmering goodness!!!  

Monday, 13 June 2016

Spotlight on Vintage: Saint Laurent Vintage Floral Dress

We're all familiar with the brand YSL or Yves Saint Laurent, it's synonymous as one of the largest, luxury brands of our time.
Yves Saint Laurent was formed in 1961 and their ready to wear collection was labelled Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.
Our gorgeous water colour floral print dress is from this same label.

It has a spectacular Bardot neckline that's all the rage now. This fabulous number is a 1980's dress disguised as a 1950's one but without seeing the label it would be hard for someone to guess the era.
The print itself has soft pastel tones that are reminiscent of Monet's water lilies paintings.
Did you know that a few years ago Yves Saint Laurent re-branded their clothing back to Saint Laurent? It caused a bit of a stir in the fashion world but they did keep the YSL logo for their cosmetics and accessories.

This stunning designer dress was be an incredible addition to any vintage mavens wardrobe.
It's available to buy in store or on Open For Vintage. You lucky gals!!!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Steal her Style : Amal Clooney

Image via E Online

Amal Clooney's style is pretty flawless. She sticks to a very classic and timeless look that often echoes's the 1960's. She's a lady who loves fine tailoring and we adore her for that!
Get Amal's look vintage style in Dirty Fabulous now! (Sorry we can't provide you with Mr. Clooney!)

Monday, 6 June 2016

6 very different ways to wear lace on your wedding day!

We've a big obsession with lace! It's super pretty yet very versatile and when we wear it, gosh darn it we feel like a lady! There are so many different ways to bring lace to your bridal look that we've highlighted a few key ideas. So whether you want to wear head-to-toe lace or just a smidge for the romance; take your inspiration from our Dirty Fabulous collection.

1. A lace cape.
This is a really beautiful way to introduce a little bit of lace with the added bonus of some shoulder coverage... Yay! 

2. The lace gown
This 1950's cream and ivory lace gown is a thing of beauty. The sleeves alone are a wonder and one of the hottest bridal trends at the minute.

3. The lace headpiece
If you only want a hint of lace for that touch of nostalgic glamour then a bespoke or vintage lace headpiece is just what you need. Subtle yet stunning! 

4. Lace Trim
You don't need to go overboard to create an air of girlish romance. Many vintage wedding dresses are decorated with pretty lace trims. This 1950s tea length bridal dress is enhanced with lace ribbon in stripes on the bodice. 

 5. The lace crop top.
This is one trend that's set to stay with us and it's a personal fav. We have lace crop tops in all sizes and oodles of variations. Each more beautiful than the next. Demure and chic, need we say more!

6. Embroidered lace
If you have a hankering for lace but you're just not a girly-girl then this is an excellent option. Heavy embroidered lace fabrics were common in the 1960's and 70's. The fabric is more structured and less delicate but incredible none the less.

If anything here has piqued your interest just get in touch. We're here to help and would love to arrange your next bridal appointment with us!
Phone: 01 6111842

Thursday, 2 June 2016

5 of the prettiest vintage summer dresses!

1. 1950's white silk chiffon prom dress with bright yellow waist and embroidery.
    Size 6-8

2. 1960's Forget-me-not blue, drop waist floral tea length dress.
    Size 10


3. 1950's Canary yellow wiggle dress with cropped bolero.
    Size 8

4. 1960's lightweight duck egg blue and purple, tea length, floral dress.
Size 12

5. Cornflower blue piped wiggle dress with ivory lace rose appliques.
Size 10-12

These dresses will be making their way from our stock room to Dirty Fabulous very soon but if you want any further details on anything you've seen just give us a call on 01 6111842 or email