Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Off To The Races

Whether you're in the midst of race season or already planning for ladies day next year, take a little time to soak up these inspiring vintage images.
One of the things we adore about vintage fashion photographs is how complete every outfit was; from the make-up, headpieces, gloves and hat, each was an important element.
Every accessory was coordinated  and no detail overlooked. A flawless finish was de rigueur. 
Vintage fashion is a fabulous place to start to searching out interesting style ideas that you know are going to be classic, playful and oh so chic! 
Probably the most important aspect of any Race Look is the hat. It's the ultimate accessory and so important that sometimes people start with the hat and then match the dress! We have an incredible and extensive collection of vintage hats from the 1930's to 60's in stock.  Just take a peak at a few of them further down and some example of how they could be styled with our vintage dresses.
1955 Mary Jane Russel


1940's dusky grey, wide brim hat with flowers

 1940's Mr Joseph topper hat with orange floral spray

 1940's black open weave hat

1950's pillbox red raffia hat

 1940s mushroom and cream lace widebrim hat

1960s yellow raffia hat with netting

 1940's cream hat with red roses

 1950s yellow lace bandeau hat with net

 1940's black and white woven beret with roses