Friday, 22 October 2010

Ideas For Your Inner Stepford Wifeyness!

The Gorgeous Paula & Tille modelling Daisy Star Aprons

Daisy Star in Shebeen Chic

Loving the colour combinations!

I actually have this one!

If like me you're fond of cooking up a storm in the kitchen but you've just come home from work and you've forgotten to take off your office wear/vintage guna... YOU NEED ONE OF THESE!!!
I don't mind admitting that I'm a very messy puppy when i cook (why must tomato sauce land on my front when I'm standing 4ft away at the sink?) having tormented myself with destroying many a perfectly clean outfit it is now ingrained in my head...put on your Apron!!! These beauties are gorgeous and completely handmade in beautiful fabrics.
Now I look perfectly immaculate when my hubby returns from a hard days work... except for the piece of uncooked spaghetti sticking out of my quiff...
Also available for your little arty, baking mini-me's
Available from

Great name!

Super pretty

With my apron & one of these I could concoct the perfect afternoon tea!

Once you've thrown the flour, baking powder & icing sugar around with wild abandon , whip of your Apron, breath a sigh of delight that your outfit is spotless and then place your butterfly cupcakes on one of these
I just love this new venture from Me Auld China
This is such a fabulous idea using matching and mis-matched vintage crockery to create beautiful tired cake-plates.
Me Auld China also hire out cake plates for special occassions and weddings...they even offer to Pimp Your Plate!

Both these amazing new venutres will be displaying at different markets in Dublin in the next few weeks, check out their websites for details.

And remember...Christmas is sneaking up, start planning early


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dirty Fabulous...Back from NYC and Open Again!

The theme of Octobers Vintage Fair was the 1920s to Celebrate HBOs new series Boardwalk Empire
Loving these teddybear mannequins in the East Village

Moi... on my birthday in Times Square

Hersheys...yum, yum yum!

Caroilne often likes to colour coordinate her cocktails!

Our Soho loft loo...very New York!

More of our lovely loft found from the ever helpful

If only we could ship this kitchen home...and we had a house big enough to put it in...

Sun shining on the corner of Bleeker & Leroy

Total Chanel in Soho

Yes Indeedy we're back, back from the States and back in business...woohoo!

Dirty Fabulous is now open on 21 Wicklow Street (above Molten Brown). We are absolutely jam packed with vintage beauties from the 1930s to the 1960s.
Wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, beaded cardigans, hats, bags and dripping with jewels!
Phone or email for an appointment or call in and see us without an appointment, after 3pm Tuesday to Saturday.

So all you vintage lovers & newbies get into our new boutique now!!!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Opening October 19th!!!


We're off to New York on another hunt for the finest in vintage fashion and then we're opening on October 19th, Hurrah!!!!

Our new location on 21 Wicklow street is super central and we love it. We'll also be changing our hours to suit our new spot so check these out.....

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10am-3pm by appointment
3pm-6pm walk in (buzz for entry)
Wednesday - 10am-3pm by appointment
3pm-6pm walk in
Thursday - 10am-3pm by appointment
3pm-8pm walk in
Friday - 10am-3pm by appointment
3pm-6pm walk in
Saturday - 10am-3pm by appointment
3pm-6pm walk in
Sunday - Closed
Phone or email for an appointment or just pop in after 3pm!!!