Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pretty Little Birdcage!

How adorable did Caroline look on her wedding day wearing a bespoke Dirty Fabulous, birdcage veil in ivory. Pretty cute right? It went perfectly with her tea length wedding dress and bespoke headpiece by Aisling Nelson. 
Images by admin@dfunkd.com

Congratulations to Caroline and her new hubby!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Industrial Chic

We're loving everything about this atmospheric shoot which was styled by the awesome Rebecca Dore using Dirty Fabulous vintage dresses. It is soooooooo unbelievably cool! 

Photographer: Steve Gallagher
Styling: Rebecca Dore
Stylist's Assistant: Muireann McMenemy
Hair: David Cashman
Make-up Artist: Sarah Lanagan
Model: Hannah
Assistant: Azzy O Connor
Clothing: Dirty Fabulous
All jewellery by Beatriz Palacios http://www.beatrizpalacios.com/  except the bracelet in the forth image which is from Carousel 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Fashion Independents Day is taking place on Thursday 26th of March and Dirty Fabulous will be open from 11am until 7pm for all our lovely customers to pop in and say hi. This is a day to celebrate your favourite independent boutiques who in turn will be offering lots of fantastic treats. To find out which stores will be involved and what's happening download the Frockadvisor App.
Dirty Fabulous will be offering 10% off any purchases on the day and lots of little surprises. It's a good day to pop in and have a browse but if your interested in some serious bridal shopping and need more personal attention we'll be offering the same 10% off any future appointments made that day.
See you all on Thursday, we can't wait to see you!!!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Match Made in Heaven!

Oh my....swoon!!! When milliner Carol Kennelly approached us to see whether we'd be interested in pairing our vintage dresses with her headpieces at the opening of Kerry Fashion Week we jumped at the chance. The result was beyond belief! Our pastel, frothy prom dresses from the 1950's teamed with Carols amazing creations...OMG.
It reminds me of a catwalk show from an old Hollywood movie...It's just so dreamy!


Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin wearing Dirty Fabulous: Weekend Magazine, Irish Independent

Featured on February 1st 2015
Wearing 1950's water colour floral wiggle dress with sequins and 1950's white patent evening bag.

For the full article read here

Monday, 16 March 2015

Bairbre Power on Closet Maintenance

Image by Emily Quinn

This is a recent feature in the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine on the 25th of January 2015. Written by the wonderful Bairbre Power with some helpful tips from our very own Caroline!

It's true that wire hangers are only for breaking into cars - our clothes deserve more respect. They should be stored on wooden or padded hangers, and trousers and skirts are best suspended from clippy ones....

This week, I'm proselytising like a born-again closet convert after in-depth research with specialists about how we should store and maintain our clothes to get maximum, contented use. Did you know that dry cleaners caution against storing your clothes inside their plastic because it can lead to condensation and damage?
When was the last time you polished your shoes properly and fed the leather? I remember lovingly applying saddle soap to my favourite cowboy boots as a student but with work and motherhood, diligent wardrobe maintenance went out the window.
That's all changed now with my New Year's resolution for closet love. I've de-cluttered, hoovered it out, and bought lots of acid-free tissue paper for wrapping around my clothes - crucial when packing if you want to arrive wrinkle-free. I've invested in cedar blocks to hang with my clothes in the fight against moths. My garments can now breathe as they are spaced out so that I can actually see them, and I've pledged to dry-clean my coats before putting them away until next autumn.
Remember how your granny always kept a clothes brush near the front door for last-minute grooming? I've now assembled a nice family of brushes including a horse hair one, two shoes brushes, a suede brush (my favourite), an old toothbrush for delicate stains and a paint brush for dusting beaded clutches. I've a lint roller and a battery-operated pilling machine for knitwear that balls up, but I prefer to use the pumice stone that a friend gave me - there will be no more using disposable razors to shave my cashmere cardis.
I'm thrilled at the imminent arrival of a new steamer and, if I have to use an iron, I'll do it on the inside, to prevent marks, especially on lapels and shoulders. I've become best pals with the cobbler in Tara Leathers on Talbot Street and Tara Street. I now box my shoes; no more piles at the bottom of the wardrobe. I won't wear the same shoes on every consecutive day (experts recommend you don't wear them more than twice a week) and new shoes will get protective soles before I take a single step. I'm finding it very therapeutic applying shoe polish like my dad, Billie, did (army training, I suspect) moving it around in tiny circles like a French polisher before swooping with a polishing cloth. I never knew there was a special 'Parade Gloss' prestige polish by Kiwi for super-shiny boots. Can't wait to use that!
I knew that trick about washing jeans inside out to maintain their colour and I've resolved that there will be no drying items on the radiator. I've pledged to go back to drying wet jumpers by rolling them up in a towel, and I've bought Woolite for hand-washing. I want to get my pearls re-knotted and I've bought a €5 packet of earring backs so I don't lose any more earrings. Now if only I can stop losing left hand gloves - which is all the more weird because I'm right handed!

Favourite finds

The €2 packet of pre-threaded needles from Tiger Stores, like the ones you get in 5-star hotels. Perfect if you have an unexpected hem collapse/loose button.
Marks & Spencer sell stain wipes, €1.20, in the supermarket that I've found really effective. They also sell silk stain wipes in their menswear department for €7.
Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe by Elika Gibbs, published by Ryland Peters & Small at €15.99, is handy book with lots of wise advice on everything from the de-clutter edit to putting clothes in storage. Clever lady, I highly recommend it!

Shiny happy people

Caroline Quinn MacCann from the splendid specialist vintage store Dirty Fabulous, on Dublin's Wicklow Street, regularly spends Sunday afternoon polishing her collection of patent shoes and bags using a soft cloth. She also uses a little Vaseline to keep patent leather supple.
If make-up lands on vintage clothes, Caroline spot cleans them but if it is a persperation stain, "you absolutely must get it dry-cleaned because it is biological stains that will damage a dress long term," she warns.
If you are putting something away for a long time that is heavily beaded, store it flat. If it is a heavily-beaded dress and you are only going to wear once or twice a year, store it flat in acid-free tissue paper. That will keep the dress in better condition because there is no extra weight hanging off the fabric.
Caroline stores her handbags in a drawer in dust bags, while I store mine flat. If you don't have that space, store them in dust bags or pillow cases. Stuff soft bags with tissue or scarves and socks - things that you don't need regularly - just to keep the shape. Don't store heavy things on top of each other, it will dent the leather - especially patent leather which can get dented very easily. Store these bags upright stuffed so the shape is correct, and in dust bags.
If the interiors of bags get stained, you can get them dry-cleaned. "If it is make-up, I would try a babywipe first or you can get a dry-cleaning fluid for silk ties and just rub it on with a cotton bud," says Caroline. 
For paste jewellery, Caroline warns to be careful. "I wouldn't overrub them. Use a soft, dry cloth. Some people clean with vinegar, Coca Cola and even WD-40 for verdigris," she says.
21 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, (01) 611 1842, dirtyfabulous.com

Watch and learn

For more clothing care and maintenance tips, be sure to watch Bairbre's advice slot with Anna Daly on TV3's Ireland Am next Monday at 8.45am
Twitter: @bairbrepower
Irish Independent

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fashion Icons Through The Ages: The Roaring Twenties

We've moved on in our series of fashion icons to the Grande Dames of the 1920's. Our generation is obsessed with the raucous fashion, lifestyle and allure of the rule breakers from this era. It all seems so wild and thrilling! It was difficult to choose who to add to this decade as the glamour stakes were seriously upped with the increase in film production. Celebrities knew how to work their image and were ready to cause the odd scandal or two! Meet some of the most beautiful and stylish stars of the 1920's. 

Josephine Baker
Known as the Black Pearl, Josephine began her hugely successful career in vaudeville. She was a little bit goofey but also super saucy on stage and her popularity saw her branch into an all singing, all dancing, acting profession. I think you'll agree she it totally ravishing and well due a spot on the icon list.

Louise Brooks
I'm obsessed with Louise Brooks 20's styling. When I think of the Roaring Twenties and the 'Flapper' she instantly springs to mind. The cinema goers adored her and she really popularised the bob haircut synonymous with the flapper. I find Louise Brooks smokey stare completely mesmerising!

I really am a true fan of Lousie Brooks and I've often had my hair cut in a similar style. This was me on a burlesque night out where I took my inspiration form her. I'm obviously happier...note to self: must work on serious scowley face for dramatic photos!

Clara Bow
I mean really...she looks like a little doll! Clara was a massive star in the 20's and a big box office draw. I just imagine the ladies of the day waiting with bated breath to see the fabulous outfits she'd wear next.

Norma Shearer
Norma was one of several actresses who had a big acting career that spanned the 1920's and 30's. I've seen several of her films and the costume designers and studios must have adored her as she always had the most gorgeous and lavish outfits imaginable. Oh how I wish we could dress like this every day!!!

Anita Page
She was one of America's sweetheart of the era and considered one of the most beautiful women of her time. Her clothing is absolutely to die for!!! 

Corrine Griffith
Another silent screen goddess, Corrine's style was impeccable. She looked mysterious and beautiful. She couldn't fail in influencing others!

Wow-wee! What a bunch of swanky gals they were! 
I find it impossible to predict who will be the fashion icons of our time. In 70 years will our future counterparts idolise Kate Beckinsale, Julianne Moore, Scarlet Johansson, Kiera Knightly, Emma Stone, Angelia Jolie? All stunningly beautiful women with oodles of style but will they be icons?