Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fashion Icons Through The Ages: The Roaring Twenties

We've moved on in our series of fashion icons to the Grande Dames of the 1920's. Our generation is obsessed with the raucous fashion, lifestyle and allure of the rule breakers from this era. It all seems so wild and thrilling! It was difficult to choose who to add to this decade as the glamour stakes were seriously upped with the increase in film production. Celebrities knew how to work their image and were ready to cause the odd scandal or two! Meet some of the most beautiful and stylish stars of the 1920's. 

Josephine Baker
Known as the Black Pearl, Josephine began her hugely successful career in vaudeville. She was a little bit goofey but also super saucy on stage and her popularity saw her branch into an all singing, all dancing, acting profession. I think you'll agree she it totally ravishing and well due a spot on the icon list.

Louise Brooks
I'm obsessed with Louise Brooks 20's styling. When I think of the Roaring Twenties and the 'Flapper' she instantly springs to mind. The cinema goers adored her and she really popularised the bob haircut synonymous with the flapper. I find Louise Brooks smokey stare completely mesmerising!

I really am a true fan of Lousie Brooks and I've often had my hair cut in a similar style. This was me on a burlesque night out where I took my inspiration form her. I'm obviously happier...note to self: must work on serious scowley face for dramatic photos!

Clara Bow
I mean really...she looks like a little doll! Clara was a massive star in the 20's and a big box office draw. I just imagine the ladies of the day waiting with bated breath to see the fabulous outfits she'd wear next.

Norma Shearer
Norma was one of several actresses who had a big acting career that spanned the 1920's and 30's. I've seen several of her films and the costume designers and studios must have adored her as she always had the most gorgeous and lavish outfits imaginable. Oh how I wish we could dress like this every day!!!

Anita Page
She was one of America's sweetheart of the era and considered one of the most beautiful women of her time. Her clothing is absolutely to die for!!! 

Corrine Griffith
Another silent screen goddess, Corrine's style was impeccable. She looked mysterious and beautiful. She couldn't fail in influencing others!

Wow-wee! What a bunch of swanky gals they were! 
I find it impossible to predict who will be the fashion icons of our time. In 70 years will our future counterparts idolise Kate Beckinsale, Julianne Moore, Scarlet Johansson, Kiera Knightly, Emma Stone, Angelia Jolie? All stunningly beautiful women with oodles of style but will they be icons? 

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