Thursday, 19 February 2015

Oscar Worthy Gowns

Ok, so we mightn't all be able to go to the Oscars but every once in a blue moon you find yourself invited to an event that calls for black-tie or formal evening gown. Oh-my-oh-my what to wear???
Have no fear, Dirty Fabulous has a marvelous range of Oscar worthy gowns guaranteed to knock the socks of any red carpet gawkers!

This designer Victor Costa dress gives an amazing bombshell figure from the front and then wait to you see their heads turn as you walk away!!!
size 14-16

Designer, Malcom Starr, baby blue silk gown with heavy crystal beaded neckline
size 16-18

This 1940's dress has such a striking contrasting hem and shawl drape making it a total show-stopper
Size 10

Wow, what a colour! 
1960's La Faye Kelly green chiffon beaded gown
size 12+

British Crown Colony 1950s jaw dropping beaded silk gown with matching pink coat 
size 8 

I can actually imagine this dress attending the Oscars in the 50's!

This has got to be one of the most stunning evening gowns we have ever seen in Dirty Fabulous. It reminds me of vintage designer extraordinaire Charles James.
The craftsmanship involved has to be seen to be believed.
Total Oscar Worthy Gown!!!
Size 8

Catch all the red carpet mayhem on Sunday 22nd if February. We'll can't wait to see all the celebrities in their finery!
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