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Meet Rosa: Vintage hair and make-up Goddess!

Oooh what a vintage glamourpuss you are! Why don't you tell us a little about yourself and what you do:

Hi Dirty Fabulous! I'm Rosa and I'm a vintage hair and makeup artist in Cork. I have a service which provides cool ladies with glamorous old fashioned looks, ranging from period correct to vintage inspired styles. I am an old school addict in my personal life and work life, I live in a big Victorian house which we call Wuthering Heights. It's filled with trinkets and surreal art projects, a Tim Walker inspired haven!

So you're a vintage hair and make-up styling queen! What's the most popular vintage look or era your asked to recreate?

That would be a tie between the very 1940's classic sculpted waves (think Rita Hayworth, Dita Von Teese) and softer 1930's inspired upstyles. The 1930's in a popular look at the moment, the hair is up but sits just on the nape of the neck, the front is soft but still has that s-wave which is vintage through and through! Both styles as well lend themselves to all manner of headpieces and veils.

Is there any look your just dying to have a bride ask you for? Or is there something different you'd love to see them try?

Personally I love doing fake bobs and victory rolls! More and more brides are doing real vintage (not just inspired) looks which I adore. I would also like to see some more big 60's hair, think Priscilla Presley when she married Elvis! Big and unapologetic.
Rosa working on a Dirty Fabulous shoot!

You're super busy and in demand so how much notice does a bride need to give to get a trial or book you for her wedding?

It's always worth enquiring! I see some stylist saying they are half booked up for 2016 but that's not how I do it. The most popular dates go quickly but there's always a chance I'll be free, some people have given me 6 weeks notice but most people get in touch 6 months before! 

I like people to come for a trial a couple of months before the wedding so they are really settled on their look and headpiece. Weddings can be so overwhelming when you start to worry about if you've made the right decisions! I really noticed this when I did my sisters hair for her wedding...we tried 5 styles over the space of 5 months before eventually settling on the first one we chose. 

This lovely bride of Rosa's wore a Dirty Fabulous 1940's wedding dress and birdcage veil for her wedding.
What other events do you do vintage styling for?

Oh anywhere and everywhere! It's a popular choice for big birthday parties, christmas parties and hen parties! I also do themed events such as vintage fairs. I take appointments in Brocade and Lime which is a vintage inspired boutique in Cork. We have a beautiful beauty parlour in there which is
like stepping back in time!

Personally, I can't leave the house with out red lipstick. What's your favourite shade of red lipstick? Can anyone wear red lipstick or are there certain skin tones that should avoid it? How do you avoid any mistakes when applying? 

I am a rather fickle when it comes to my reds so it's hard to pick a favourite. In my handbag at the moment I have Red Velvet from Besame Cosmetics (a vintage inspired line), Ruby Woo from Mac, So Marilyn from Charlotte Tilbury and from Rouge entincelle from Lancome. You are never fully dressed without your red lipstick! And I literally carry about a handbag of them. (I have to agree, I feel naked without mine!)

I really believe everyone can wear red! Lipliner always helps make it look more glamorous than clown-like, start by putting on only a little and build it up. Put more product in the centre of the lips and smudge it out into a stain but make sure the cupids bow is always distinct. Blondes should go for blue based red to start, brunettes and red heads look lovely in a real true red that brightens the face. Glosses can look a little cheap by themselves but matte textures are always fabulous. Lip brushes and lipcoat will stop you from getting it all over your face (although I somehow always manage to!)

The absolute must have make-up product for any aspiring vintage vixen?

The obvious one is of course your black eyeliner! It takes time and effort to find what works best for you but once you do you'll be set for life. Mine is Mac liquid last. Super long wearing, pitch black, not for the faint of heart. A good foundation which makes you looks flawless is a must, resist the urge to go darker then your skin tone! Don't forget your hair though, Elnett is unparelled in my book!

Any tips on how to create a perfect flick of eyeliner?

I have a couple of little tricks I use, for instance always do the first brush stroke with both your eyes open and looking in the mirror. Do a thin one along the eyelashes and draw it out and up. Try and decide what angle will pull your eyes up and make them look open and almond shaped. Decide where you want the flick to end and join the centre of the eyelid to that point. Add mascara and false lashes for a very pinup look.

Where do you get your inspiration from for vintage looks?

I spend a lot of time online looking at pictures of beautiful ladies! Both past and present! If I'm looking for images to show brides or clients I like to work with films and TV references. You get a better feel of a persons taste and how they want to appear if they say "Give me a Lady Mary look","I want to look like Kiera Knightly in Atonement" or "I love Rachel Mcadams in the Notebook!".

If I'm feeling uninspired by my own look I'll have a google of Dita Von Teese or Ulyana Seergenko..there's an Austrian  designer called Lena Hoschek whose collections are always amazing and styled in a 1940s-1950's way. I love the old glamour mixed with a splash of modern sex appeal. People worry that "old fashioned" equals "frumpy" but I think it's striking and a sign of a confident sexy woman to experiment with your look!

Any online blogs, books or reference points that you'd recommend for inspiration?

It may be cliched at this point but Pinterest is such a good tool and you can pretty much find anything! I always tell brides to follow me and check out the images I have of past work. Facebook and Instagram are the best places to really see incredible vintage hair and makeup. There are hair and makeup artists all over the world as well as very stylish ladies just waiting to inspire you!  Keep an eye out for pages that post images of everyday life, like in the past. Try to remember as well that people rocking these looks on a daily basis are a better inspiration then stylized photo shoots! Audrey Hepburn may look amazing in that photo but she didn't have to walk down the street in real life. Some styles look amazing when you're artfully draped over a sofa but won't translate to your wedding day!

 Tell us a bit about your own style. Do you wear vintage all the time? Would it be original or reproduction?

Around 6 years ago I made a decision to not own anything I wouldn't be proud to be seen in! I got rid of baggy t-shirts and "comfort" clothes because I realised I would end up wearing them out the front door and then really wishing I hadn't! At this point I'm almost entirely vintage/vintage inspired. I love vintage but as my work can be messy it's important to have a stash of look-a-likes to see me through a full days work. I am a big fan of the 1930's and 1940's, I love the shapes! Although of course I end up in every era, you have to just go with what you like.

Sitting around the house and having a lazy day you're most likely to be wearing:
Bag lady chic! If I'm home I'll have my pincurls in, a headscarf, my black wool cigarette pants, a neat knitted jumper and kimono for warmth. You can imagine the face the meter man makes when I answer the door!

Big night out with the girls and you're most likely wearing:
I'm all about the glamorous! Something skin tight and black usually, seamed stockings and my Vivienne Westwood handbag for some hard wear! Perhaps something sparkly in my hair and some fur on top. I do adore my vintage furs!

Going for a stroll with your beau on a romantic weekend:

A knee length wool skirt, a pretty patterned silk blouse and cardigan. Maybe a beret to make me feel like I'm in the Resistance. Some little lace up boots and a heavy camel coat to keep the chill out!

Now wasn't that amazing! Thanks Rosa for having a good oul chin-wag with Dirty Fabulous. We're big fans, loving your styling and all the tips. For more information on Rosa head on over to her gorgeous site and do make sure you follow her old fashioned glamorous goings on's on her blog. Now I feel the need to get my hands on some cigarette pants and a beret....

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