Thursday, 29 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

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 When you google "vintage Halloween photo" some pretty freaky images can pop up. It's something to do with the sepia and black and white images along with the rustic, homemade costumes... makes everything a little more eerie!  Spooky children in grotesque costumes is not what we want for a Dirty Fabulous Halloween...
So I've chosen a few retro images that are playful and quirky... less nightmarish!



Monday, 26 October 2015

A look back at The Glitter Studio... It was sparkletastic!

Where you lucky enough to visit The Glitter Studio on the 17th or 18th of October? 

One Fab Day put on a pretty spectacular event. From the moment you walked into the CHQ building you knew it was an all together different kind of bridal event.

The decoration and styling were as gorgeous as you would expect from one of the leading bridal inspiration resources. Just imagine themes such as pop, rustic and glamour and you'll get a feel for what was on offer.

In case you missed it I took a million pics to share with you to give you an over all feel. Add to these images some free flowing bubbles, fun, frolics and some of the best vendors Ireland has to offer and that would just about sum up The Glitter Studio.

The Bridal Boutique Salon:

Dirty Fabulous Dresses:

All The Gorgeous Vendors:

The uber fabulous bridal boutique owners! We had an amazingly fun time over the weekend with these lovely peeps.

Tasty popcorn treats to pep up our energy levels courtesy of Ruth from Cornude
(our fav's were the marshmallow and peanut-butter and chocolate!)