Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Grey Gardens: The Fashion

The story of Big and Little Edie and their lives within Grey Gardens fascinates me. In their early years this mother and daughter duo were wealthy socialites, related to Jacqueline Bouvier who would later marry John F. Kennedy. But, by the 1970's things for the Edie's had changed drastically and they lived in poverty in their decrepit mansion; Grey Gardens.

When I think of the term "crazy cat lady" these gals immediately spring to mind! 
You can find out all about the peculiar goings on at Grey Gardens in the 1970's documentary or watch the 2009 brilliant adaptation to movie staring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. Either way you'll see what I mean.

Little Edie isn't the most conventional of fashion icons but there is something about her eccentric style which adds a touch of dishevelled glamour. When she was young she was considered one of the most beautiful ladies in her family, even more so than her cousin, Jackie. Her sense of style was completely individual, even at this stage. It became more so when she developed alopecia and took to wearing turbans pinned with elaborate brooches to cover her head.
She would also fashion capes from skirts, construct clothing using fabric and safety pins and wrap jumpers around her head. Unusual...yes, stylish...sometimes...iconic...completely! 

Little Edie

Drew Barrymore as Little Edie


John Galliano's 2009 collection inspired by Grey Gardens

With this inspiration we thought we would do our own little homage -
The Dirty Fabulous Grey Gardens

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