Monday, 28 September 2015

Andrea Kett Cards are available in Dirty Fabulous

Make sure your wedding card to the bride and groom stands out from all the others!

Looking for a stylish card for Halloween? You won't find a prettier one!

Holly Parton.... Hah!!!

You know us, we're fan's of all things kitch, quirky, retro and even a little macabre...which is why we're in love with pretty much all of Andrea Kett's illustrated cards.
We've selected some fabulous wedding, ghoulish and dare I say the word in September ... Christmas cards, that we'll be stocking in Dirty Fabulous..
Each card is hand decorated with glitter (everything is better with glitter!) and beautifully drawn.
Some are saucy, some are cute and other are down right hilarious.
Make sure you have a look through them on your next appointment.
You can be the one to give them the best card... the one they stick up on the wall and makes them smile and think that you really know them the best! Competitive? Us? Never...

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