Monday, 21 September 2015

Fashion Inspiration from the Cockatoo! (Yes you read that correctly!)

I think it's crucial not to limit where you take your fashion inspiration from. Whether it's from the obscure: the texture and form of the popcorn your munching on or the mundane: the shade of aged wood on that shed, or the obvious: from a glittering fashion magazine.

Your imagination is limitless so try and absorb everything. It's how all the great fashion designers and stylists work. They don't just sit at home mulling over their desk all day, waiting for their next great idea. They view everything in their world as a possible source of inspiration. The colors of the fruit in that bowl...interesting... The outfit that girl was wearing as she passed...I never would have thought of that... the lampshade in the secondhand shop...what a great pattern...the colour of the sky before a big down pour...would be perfect with that yellow skirt I have!!!

With this in mind, the first thing I though of when I saw Leila Jeffreys series "Biloela - Wild Cockatoos" was what amazing colour combinations they would make for outfits. Nature, being the greatest mood board and stylist of them all, knows how to coordinate!!!

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