Thursday, 15 October 2015

How To Rock A 1920's Look!

The 1920's were an era were everything became just a smidge looser... clothing, under garments, morals and the definition of a woman's role in society.
Most people have a quite a good sense of what the fashion was like in this decade. Thanks largely to Baz Luhrmann's 2013 movie The Great Gatsby. We've also seen a slew of designers influenced by the 20's and the Art Deco period.
So how does it translate to our fashion today?
Firstly lets take a look at a few key components of the 1920's style from these original vintage images:

Ok, so most of us won't be wearing feathers as we go about our daily chores but don't overlook the hugely glamourous impact they can add to occasion wear. A feather trim on a skirt or crop top can be the perfect addition for the WOW factor.

Layers and lots of them! 1920's ladies were the original Bohemian babes. Think loose tunics, drop waists, scarfs, beads and shawls. This is quite an easy look to adapt today as most of us will layer up in some way or another.

Hats, gloves and fur. Thanks goodness it's autumn so we can all start rocking this! The high street has lots of faux fur offerings or try some original vintage pieces.

The Little Details:
Embroidery, lace and bead work. It's all in the detail!

The Modern Take:
image courtesy of The Divine

Images from Pinterest
Carey Mulligan in Vogue

The Make-Up 
Emma Stone looking flawless with 20's style make-up

 Idda Van Munster has perfected the Gatsby look

The Bride:

Anne Hathaway wearing a 1920's lace Juliet style veil with a lace and tulle wedding dress.

Original vintage wedding dresses and accessories by Dirty Fabulous

Dirty Fabulous Vintage does the 1920's
We've used dresses, accessories and jewellery from the 1920's up to the 1980's to show you how you can really play around with different pieces to create a beautiful and unique flapper style. 

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