Thursday, 22 October 2015

How to do glamour like they did in the 30s!

Was there ever a more glamourous era in fashion? The fashion of  the 1930's is often referred to as The Golden Age or Old Hollywood. Floor length gowns were de rigueur for evening wear. The sumptuous silk and satin fabrics cut on the bias had such fluidity of movement that they appeared liquid.

Feathers, fur and diamonds adorned the ladies of high society and cinema. Even though it was a time of Depression and austerity for the majority, most people sought escapism in the heady glamour of celebrity.

Old Hollywood glamour is definitely a look that's perfect for a formal or evening event and I'm sure most of you can imagine that it would be pretty spectacular as bridal wear.
Lets look back at some original 1930's images from Pinterest to pinpoint a few key trends:

Ultra feminine and a masterclass in tailoring! Big and small the 30's used them all!

All lengths, colours and fabrics. An easy way to add a touch of instant allure.

Bias Cut Gowns:
This method of sewing material on the bias gave the ultimate figure hugging shape. 


Interesting back and neck details:
One of the most covetable and wearable influences for today's modern dresses.

Unlike today, the majority of full length dresses were belted. This was to accentuate the waist and femininity as often the tops of dresses were quite covered or blouse like.


Keep it sultry and smokey with thin arched eyebrows. And of course add a red lip!

Reese Witherspoon in Vogue for Water For Elephants

The 1930's in Dirty Fabulous:

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