Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hair vines - 8 reasons why we love them!

1. Versatility
Hair vines can be worn in a multitude of different ways. You can make them work with an upstyle or with your hair down. So even if you've fallen in love with a hair vine but haven't had your hair trial, rest assured, your hairdresser will be able to work it in regardless!

Available from Dirty Fabulous €200

2. Prettiness!
Most hair vines have a combination of sparkling stones, pearls and silver or gold tone metal making them some of the prettiest options for your wedding day!

3.Boho perfection
If you're striving for a boho lux look then you NEED a hair vine to complete your ensemble. Secure your headpiece so that it runs over your forehead and you're good to go!

Image by Fiona Clair Photography via Rock n Roll Bride

Available from Dirty Fabulous €210

4. Comfortable to wear all day
You're wedding day can be quite epic, from the early rise to start your beauty preparations to being the last two love-birds to leave the dance floor. With this in mind it's important to be comfortable all day, last thing you want is a hair-style induced headache... nightmare!
Hair vines can be pinned in neatly or tied with ribbons meaning they can be secured with very little hassle and certainly no pressure.

Available from Dirty Fabulous €155

5. A sparkling alternative to a floral crown
You love the idea of a floral crown but it's just not...well you... A hair vine could be the perfect compromise. Dainty enough so as not to be overpowering but has a definite touch of glamour. 

Available from Dirty Fabulous €175

6. They are timeless
Hair vines can work with any bridal look without dating it. So whether you are aiming for romtaically classic, 1920's Gatsby, retro or modern; a hair vine can be the perfect addition to tie your bridal style together.

Available from Dirty Fabulous €85

7. They can be worn with veils
This is possibly my favourite thing about hair vines! I love the dramatic and etheral look of a full veil worn over the face with a hair vine tied to secure it.
I also love a full length Juliet veil worn with a hair vine and a shorter, mid length wedding dress, it just harks back to the 1920's and Deco days!

Enchanted Atelier  headpiece photographed by Laura Gordon via One Fab Day

Available from Dirty Fabulous €175

8. Added oomph for the back!
Many bridal hairpieces are worn near the front of the face or to the side but even though you won't be able to see it too much; wearing your vine to the back means everyone else can enjoy it! 
You will, after all be standing for quite some time with your back to your guests, and then there's the first dance. Your guests will be able to ooh and ahh over your gorgeous hair decoration!

Available from Dirty Fabulous €75

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