Monday, 6 June 2016

6 very different ways to wear lace on your wedding day!

We've a big obsession with lace! It's super pretty yet very versatile and when we wear it, gosh darn it we feel like a lady! There are so many different ways to bring lace to your bridal look that we've highlighted a few key ideas. So whether you want to wear head-to-toe lace or just a smidge for the romance; take your inspiration from our Dirty Fabulous collection.

1. A lace cape.
This is a really beautiful way to introduce a little bit of lace with the added bonus of some shoulder coverage... Yay! 

2. The lace gown
This 1950's cream and ivory lace gown is a thing of beauty. The sleeves alone are a wonder and one of the hottest bridal trends at the minute.

3. The lace headpiece
If you only want a hint of lace for that touch of nostalgic glamour then a bespoke or vintage lace headpiece is just what you need. Subtle yet stunning! 

4. Lace Trim
You don't need to go overboard to create an air of girlish romance. Many vintage wedding dresses are decorated with pretty lace trims. This 1950s tea length bridal dress is enhanced with lace ribbon in stripes on the bodice. 

 5. The lace crop top.
This is one trend that's set to stay with us and it's a personal fav. We have lace crop tops in all sizes and oodles of variations. Each more beautiful than the next. Demure and chic, need we say more!

6. Embroidered lace
If you have a hankering for lace but you're just not a girly-girl then this is an excellent option. Heavy embroidered lace fabrics were common in the 1960's and 70's. The fabric is more structured and less delicate but incredible none the less.

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