Monday, 19 April 2010

So this is what a Saturday is like!

Bits and Bobs of coolness

Retro Rocks!

The DJ was definitely pumping out some serious summer tunes!

Hours could be lost rummaging through Toe Jam

The Big Blue Bus...where we later indulged in some much needed pizzas for soakage!

Having always worked in retail its a rare thing for me to have a Saturday off for pure unadulterated leisure and I couldn't have asked for a better day or weather.

A group of us headed to the Toe Jam Car Boot sale which takes place out the back of the Bernard Shaw pub on South Richmond Street.

There was definitely a real festival feel about the place. We enjoyed some tasty African barbeque chicken, the hubby purchased some classic novels for cheap as chips and then we left promising to come back later for the afternoon sun and some beverages. (Turned out to be a lot of beverages actually!)

Highly, highly recommended peeps!

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