Monday 19 April 2010

Dolls Boutique & Bibi's Cafe!

Beautiful storefront

Bibi's Cafe

Yummy French Toast


Lovely Lovely Lovely!

Yes that is a puppy! (Get into my handbag please...)

Gorgeous Decor, gorgeous clothes

Loving it!

Luckily on my super busy sunny Saturday I had the chance to call into Dolls new location on Emorville Avenue just off South Circular.

For those of you unfamiliar with the area, it's got a New York Greenwich feel to it, all red brick Victorian houses, cool cafes and hipsters galore.

It has been quite residential so I hope Petria and her sister Maisha can start to change this. I absolutely love the idea of this place, it was super buzzy on Saturday in the boutique and the cafe were serving up a storm.

Being a small business ourselves we know how much local and loyal support independent retailers need. The service, stock and general feeling is always a million times better than high street chain stores!!!

Hmmm... I wonder would Dolls Like a new neighbour!

Anyway go visit it and stop off for some dreamy sponge cake!!!

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Zoran Curtin said...

the dog/animal in the cage is really not a good look - there are better ways to teach them, and the water is on the outside - so thirsty!!