Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Gifts good enough for Elizabeth Taylor!

Elizabeth Taylor's passion for beautiful jewellery is world renowned and well chronicled. Elizabeth worked and saved from a young age to buy her first pieces of costume jewellery. After she married her first husband Mike Todd she began collecting more exquisite pieces as Mike would use any occasion to bestow a diamond encrusted gift on his new wife! Her collection grew, vastly, as did the number of her marriages. Richard Burton in particular showered the great love of his life with the worlds rarest and most spectacular diamonds.
Elizabeth believed herself to be the temporary guardian of her jewellery collection. She knew one day it would be  auctioned off to other lucky collectors, indeed the most recent auction of her amazing collection took in €89 million, a staggering figure!
Now as much as we all would have loved one of these fine pieces unfortunately the prices are way beyond us mere mortals, but luckily, Dirty Fabulous has your back!
Like Elizabeth we love the sparkle, and whereas Elizabeth's were diamonds and emeralds ours are rhinestone but they still look stunning.
 Below are a few of our vintage necklaces, brooches, bracelets and earrings from the 1930's to 60's that evoke the glamour of Elizabeth Taylor.
The prices range from €80 to €160

An elegant piece of jewellery that you have spent time choosing for the one you love makes the perfect gift for Christmas.
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