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What To Expect During Your Dirty Fabulous Bridal Appointment

If you are beginning your bridal shopping you might be finding the whole experience a little daunting.
You mightn't be sure what to expect from a private appointment which can leave you apprehensive and reluctant to book in anywhere.

Rest assured Dirty Fabulous is here to make certain you have the most enjoyable time possible! Let us take you step by step through the whole appointment process:

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Booking Your Appointment
You can arrange your appointment by phone on  +353 (1) 6111842 or email on You can also message us on our Facebook page. Feel free to ask as many queries as you want before booking. We're here to help you!
Our busiest appointment dates are our late evenings, Fridays and Saturdays which all tend to book up between 3 and 6 weeks in advance.
We're sorry but we don't open on Sundays or Mondays (in order to keep us bright eyed and bushy tailed your Dirty Fabulous team needs some much needed RnR!!!)
Our appointments last an hour and you'll have the place to yourself.
Appointments are totally free and completely enjoyable, we only ask that you let us know in advance if you need to cancel or change as we have lots of lovely brides waiting in the wings on a cancellation list.
If you'd like to see inside our boutique just take a look here. Dirty Fabulous is located in the heart of the Creative Quarter in Dublin (just off Grafton Street).
We're on a first floor so you will need to navigate some steps.

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What Should I Bring With Me?
You can of course arrive as you are but if you'd prefer to be fully prepared then it's useful to bring any or all of the following:

  • A strapless bra and a good supportive bra in ivory/white/nude. But have no fear, if you visit us in your black or polka dot bra that's totally ok too!!!
  • Shoes for trying on if you have a pair in mind. We have nude heels in the shop in all sizes for our brides to use so this only applies if you have a specific heel size in mind or you already have your shoes.
  • If you have any images on your phone of any bridal looks you had in mind we'd be delighted to have a peak.
  • If your appointment is for a headpiece then it's super helpful to have a sample of your dress fabric and an idea (photo is preferable) of your hairstyle on the day. If you can bring your wedding dress with you then that's even better!
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What Should I not Bring?
  • If you could refrain from wearing fake tan for your appointment we'd be really grateful as it does tend to mark our dresses. Our dresses are all one of a kind and not samples so we love keeping them as pristine as possible.
  • Heavy make-up - although this is totally up to yourself. I for one can't go downstairs in the morning without having my face on! We have funny little pop-on make-up protectors for you to wear when pulling the dresses on over your head. So if you are having a lovely day in town and need your full face on then we can work around that!

Who Can I Bring With Me?
  • For the most part this is up to you. Some people arrive solo so they aren't overwhelmed by a million opinions, whilst others like to bring a gaggle of gals! (guys are welcome too but we don't see many!).
  • In terms of space in little ol' Dirty Fabulous we can hold about a maximum of 6 people and that's quite a squeeze. We'd really recommend no more than 3. 
  • Having too many people who all suggest you try on different things can take away from your valuable YOU time and can make it harder to find the perfect dress. 
  • Bring people who's opinion you trust and who know your style. We've seen it time and time again were a bride falls in love with her dress but then is told by someone in her appointment party that they don't like it because it isn't a big white traditional dress. Que crestfallen bride!!!
  • Sometimes those important people you really want there, can't make your appointment time but don't worry, you can always come back on another appointment to show your best gals any dress you're smitten with.
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What Can I Expect During My Appointment
  • Our undivided attention!
  • When you come in to Dirty Fabulous we'll ask you a few questions about when your wedding is and what style of wedding dress (if any) you had in mind. This will give us an idea of what dresses to suggest for you to try on.
  •  As most of our dresses are one of a kind vintage pieces and aren't measured in standard sizes we'll take your waist measurements. We do have a growing selection of reproduction wedding dresses that are available to order in and your measurements will help us pick the best size for you to try.
  • We'll invite you to have a good look through the rails to show us anything you like the look of. Then we'll pull out some gorgeous frocks which we think will suit your shape and style.
  • During your hour appointment we'll try dresses of different lengths and styles which are from many different eras. We'll also try you in some of our new dresses.
  • For any dress that you really like we'll add lots of finishing touches like veils, cover-ups and jewellery. Those you don't we'll whizz through (no point wasting your precious time!)
  • Here's one that most people find surprising: YOU CAN TAKE AS MANY PHOTOGRAPHS AS YOU LIKE! We'd love for you to take pictures of the dresses you love. It'll help you remember what each outfit looks like and believe me after a few appointments in one day your head will be spinning!
  • For a headpiece or accessory appointment we'll have a quick little consultation to hear any of your ideas then we'll begin trying on lots of options. Again feel free to be snap happy!
So that's it! Dirty Fabulous offers a very relaxed, fun and glamorous time that we're pretty confident you'll enjoy. We really hope you find your dream bridal dress or accessories with us but don't fret it you don't. You can always visit us again when new stock arrives. 
And, even if you had a wonderful experience but think that vintage is not for you we'd love it if you'd spread the Dirty Fabulous word... that's all we ask!

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