Monday, 15 February 2016

Coveting Vintage Necklines!

When did our necklines become so boring? 
The Highstreet can't possibly compete with these beautiful necklines as mass production just doesn't allow the time and precision necessary to create such beautiful seams and detailing. 
If you are hunting for a dress that has an unusual neckline then you have a few options: 
Designer dresses, bespoke dresses or vintage dresses (my fav obv's!)
Below are just a few images I came across from the 1940's and 50's that have left me drooling over my laptop!

 1947 Christian Dior Dress

 1949 Christian Dior

 New York in 1953 Image by Life Magazine

1953 vintage image

 1953 Dovima

1950's Balenciaga vintage photo

 Kouka Denis wearing Yves Saint Laurent in the 1950s

 Margaret Lindsay in the 1930's

1950's dress on a minuscule 1950's model!!!

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