Monday, 19 January 2015

Welcome to my addiction...The Amazing Collar Collection

Not so long ago Caroline did a post on her coat addiction and now I want to share my insatiable lust for statement necklaces! 
Anyone who knows me is aware of my magpie tendencies and I swear it's an actual uncontrollable illness...Caroline has often mentioned that she's going to stage an intervention but so far I've avoided it!

My wall literally drips with statement necklaces... I've picked them up on our buying trips, from the high street, online and received them as gifts. I'll wear them with jumpers and jeans, dresses, t-shirts and shirts. I pretty much wear one every second day. I find that if I'm hanging around the house being a mum and playing with my boys in something super casual I'll throw one on to feel a little more glamorous and a little more like myself!

I have pearl ones

chunky crystal ones

gold ones

colourful ones

 long ones
vintage beaded ones

larger ones
Fabric ones

and even feather ones

of course I've some rarer, vintage ones. 
This is a 1960's rhinestone collar that is one of my cherished pieces. I've worn it so many times but it's a piece I keep returning too. It's probably my most expensive statement necklace but the investment was totally worth it!

The latest addition to my collection was a Christmas pressie from my lovely friend Karen. I wore it yesterday and I think it's awesome.

I haven't even included these ones!

Do you think I have a problem? Hmmm...maybe I do but please, please, please don't stop me. Don't they say you have to want to change when dealing with an addiction, well I just don't want to!!!
Even with this vast collection I would still find myself thinking that I don't have the right necklace for a certain outfit. Meaning: there is definitely room to expand...

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