Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Best Vintage Cocktails

Why oh why  am I doing a post on cocktails during the month when many people are abstaining? Hmmm...maybe it's because I'm included in that group and cocktails seem to be on my mind a bit more than usual!!! 
It's probably no surprise that here at Dirty Fabulous HQ we're fans of vintage cocktails. Mostly the hard liquor types; none of that fruity, slushy stuff for us. First up is our No 1. favourite:

The Old Fashioned
Oh how I do love you....
I make mine with about 2oz's of Bourbon, usually Makers Mark
A couple of dashes of Angostura Bitters (2 is usually plenty, it's strong so less is more!)
A dash of water or club soda and then a teaspoon of sugar or two brown sugar cubes (if your living a predominantly paleo life like myself then a dash of maple syrup works well and is just as yummy!)
Mix/bruise/crush it all up with the blunt/rounded end of a utensil. Add loads of ice and a shaving of orange peel or a whole slice if you like.
Go mad and add a maraschino cherry if it takes your fancy. Serve in a short tumbler and restrain from swallowing it's tastiness in one fell swoop!
I use these tumblers  from Ikea

But what I really want are these Waterford Crystal ones!

Next up is :

The Manhattan
You know when it's named after one of the best area's in the world then it's going to be great!
The first time I made this I added too much bitters so remember, like the Old Fashioned, less is more.
2 parts whiskey
1 part sweet vermouth
1 or 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters (really a drop or two)
Orange peel and yes a maraschino cherry if you'd like!
Mix it all together... a voila...A Manhattan. (Mixologists everywhere are probably screaming at their screens right now, I know there is a correct way to mix each cocktail but when I'm at home time is of the essence...less mixing, more relaxing!)
Best served in a Martini glass.

My vintage glass dedicated to Manhattans!

Marks and Spencers have some elegant ones in stock.

Now although there are hundred's of vintage cocktails these are just our favourites so I'm going to end with one more (I don't want to seem like a total lush!)

The Mint Julep
This is real simple:
 2.5 oz's of bourbon whiskey
about 5 or 6 mint leaves
couple of sugar cubes (take out that maple syrup again if your avoiding sugar)
Muddle it all up, serve it in a silver or pewter cup filled up with crushed ice.
The ice makes the cup nice and frosty keeping your Julep refreshingly cool.
OMG this is amazing on a hot day. (or a freezing cold winter evening in front of the fire!)

So far I've yet to get my hands on a pewter cup just for a Mint Julep so I use these

Amazon has some but my hubby might freak out if I spent €25 on a single cup to have the occasional Mint Julep!!!

Obviously these are great if your having a night in or a little soiree with friends but if you are heading out on the town Dublin has some super cocktail joints.

If you are going to go anywhere for a good cocktail then it has to be Upstairs at Kinara Kitchen in Ranelagh. Paul is the master of liquors and will create whatever takes your fancy. WE LOVE IT HERE!!! Paul even created a Dirty Fabulous cocktail that you have to try. I'll be doing a post on it soon which will include all the deets.

I would love my house to look like 37 Dawson Street really I would. Not only is the decor unbelievably amazing but this is where I had one of the best Mint Juleps ever.

Then again maybe I'd like to live somewhere more elegant and understated like House. It oozes gorgeousness and serves up some fabulous cocktails.

I'm partial to a Margarita and one of the absolute best in the city hails from 777. People flock here in droves just for their deliciousness alone never mind the mouthwateringly good food. 

Two more fantastic options are Izakaya on Georges Street and the opulent Liquor Rooms on the Quays.

Choose the right place and enjoy a fine cocktail. It really can be a little work of art worth'll feel like your spoiling yourself. Take note: avoid cheap, watered down versions sold in venues where the aim of the game is to get as drunk as possible as quickly as possible!

Sip, savour and enjoy... many weeks are there left in January???

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