Thursday, 29 January 2015

A world of inspiration

Sometimes I become temporarily obsessed with colour combinations. I might wear a variation of these colours exclusively for a week and then as fickle as you like move on like the love affair never happened!
This is definitely true of the following combos. I may have seen an outfit in a classic movie and taken my inspiration from there or it might be from an art print, even a postcard can send me into a colour tailspin!
Vintage clothing is brilliant for unusual colour combinations, colours that you rarely see in modern clothing and the way they can be accessoriesed makes it so much more playful and interesting!
Here are a few of my inspirations and my own interpretation!

I love this combination of aqua blue and wine, I wear it quite a lot!
A 1948 Columbia Hand Knit Fashions advert, photo by Conant Bradley -courtesy of myvintage vogue


Sometimes my muse can be a little more unusual!

Amelia Earheart, the pioneering aviator, was the thought behind this jaunty look for work!

1940's Winter sports fashion, ice skaters in particular, was my starting point for this concoction.


So there you have it! Where do you take your inspiration from?
We'd love to hear!

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