Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Dirty Fabulous story so far!

Vintage, fashion and style are ingrained in our blood! Despite not having an inkling that as sisters we would open a business together, looking back it seems it was destined to happen! We traveled the world searching for the finest vintage collections and then spent a year researching and developing our ideas.
It feels like many moons ago but Dirty Fabulous opened it's doors in 2008 a little outside the city centre on Lower Baggot Street. 

We were on the second floor of a lovely Georgian building in a quiet area but we adored our little slice of vintage heaven! When first opened we worked seven days a week non-stop trying to establish our business and spreading the Dirty Fabulous word.  Luckily we went from strength to strength as the ladies of Ireland (and further a field) began to truly embrace our love of all things vintage.
Then at the beginning of 2010 disaster struck as a fire in the building destroyed our little business. 

After the shock we took a few weeks to grieve and decide what was our next move was . We toyed with the idea of not opening again but after a huge outpouring of support and love from our customers, family and friends we knew the Dirty Fabulous had to come back with a bang!

We found a cute little first floor space in a Victorian building an 21 Wicklow Street in the heart of the Creative Quarter. I'll think you'll agree it's pretty unrecognisable as the Dirty Fabulous you know and love!

Caroline explained her concept for our new location in detail to her now husband, Peter who created the following sketches. 
They were pretty perfect!

We wanted to differentiate between the two boutiques and make our new location a little more quirky less 'old world'.
So we got to work!
Myself and mum made the curtains, with a little help from the cat. 

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaah!

Dirty Fabulous is an integral part of our lives. 
A lot of events are prepared for after work in the store!
Kathy's 30th, handsome husbands in tow!

Caroline's 40th!

Our family has grown in size....
Kathy now has 2 boys: Charlie who's 1 and Ruben who's 3.

Our collection has grown!

We got ourselves a 'Breffni', who joined us as an intern and is now an integral part of our family! We've also squeezed in a few different hairstyles!

And then nearly two years ago we lost our beautiful Mum. 

So much has changed since 2008 but our love of vintage and dedication to Dirty Fabulous and all our lovely customers has only grown stronger. Dirty Fabulous is so much more than a business, it's a vital part of our lives and totally dynamic. We have constant plans, ideas and dreams for Dirty Fabulous so you'll just to tag along with us as we discover what's next!!!


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Katherine said...

Argh, I love your shop! Congrats on the success so far and long may it continue. Your mammy looks like a lovely lady.