Friday, 3 August 2012

The Excitement Is Mounting!!!

 Some stationary details that indicate a fun and original 'Big Day Out!'
 My headpiece is a work in progress!

I've added pom-poms to give my vintage dress a more circus feel!

I can not wait to wear my baby-blue underskirt and uber sparkly silver heels!

Caroline, the other half of Dirty Fabulous is getting hitched in under 48 hours... Where did that time go?
It's all systems go as Caroline and Peter put the finishing touches to their wedding which takes inspiration from vintage circuses and carnivals, family are flying in and outrageous outfits are being carefully thrown together!

We know Caroline and Peter have a fun-filled event planned and the party will go on until the wee hours.

A huge congratulations in advance to two talented, creative and ridiculously suited lovebirds!
Caroline will be taking the month of August off so we'll see her back in Dirty Fabulous on her return. 
We'll miss you!!!

Myself and Breffni will of course be posting some images of all the crazy romance next week so stay's going to be awesome!


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