Saturday, 11 August 2012

Something Like A Wedding....The Details!

Now... Where to start?
There was so much going on at Caroline and Peters wedding last Sunday that it will be hard to fit it all into this post, but I'll do my best.
To say it was a visual and audio extravaganza is an understatement!

The wedding party was kicked of by the dulcet tones on the Bugle Babes who definitely set the mood with their delectably smooth 1940's tunes.

The venue was the Dublin Food Co-Op building in New Market, Dublin 8. Caroline and Peter knew they didn't want a traditional venue so they convinced the super friendly and helpful Co-op people to indulge them and let them take over for a day. The Dublin Flea Market is held here among other things and for those of you unfamiliar with it, it's huge! Preparing the venue was more like a staging a theatrical production.

Both Caroline and our Mumsie set out making circus themed table centres. These were absolutely gorgeous and super kitch. In total they made about 80 and the guests got to bring them home, woohoo!

The stunning flowers were courtesy of The Informal Florist who arranged a eclectic mix within silver tea pots, milk urns and glass jars through out the hall.

Each place setting had a little gold animal which was chosen to reflect the guest... I was a giraffe....not sure what that says about me, but I think it was good!

Colourful Paper lanterns and vintage playing cards hung over the tables and marked the table numbers.

The uber talented and lovely friend to Dirty Fabulous, Cathy Davey sung a duet with the equally amazing Neill Hannon for a romantic pre ceremony first dance for Caroline and Peter. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!

Whilst Caroline was changing into her wedding outfit Peter had designed and arranged a backdrop change to reflect Johnson's Court in Dublin, the scene of their first meeting after years of being apart since being childhood friends...oh the romance!
The ceremony was a beautiful, moving and personal experience which was performed by Tom Colton

Everyone was blown away when the ceremony ended the Dublin All Stars came marching in to 'Louie Louie'
With a mix the included Katie Perry's Fireworks and Sweet Caroline they had the crowd bouncing like lunatics!

The show stopping cake was made by our cousin Shelly McCaughey of Happy Wrappers and the cake topper was made by our talented Mumsie! It included elephants, a vintage sewing machine and a carousel dress among other things!

The delicious meal was provided by neighbours of Dirty Fabulous, Cornucopia and included tasty morsels such as Beetroot, blue cheese and brazil nut cheese cake and Ragout of chickpea, roast pepper, garlic and white wine. As this was not your average wedding the vegetarian buffet ended with a 'Cheese Course' which involved the children invited to the wedding being dressed in mice costumes and handing out song lyrics for 'cheesy' love songs...hilarious is too small an adjective to describe the audience participation in the cheese course!!!

One of the quirky features of the wedding included a tattoo parlour where guests could adorn themselves with temporary tattoos... these fun details kept everyone entertained.

The entrance to the main hall was decorated by a wall of Vintage Penguin book cover postcards that the bride and groom had sent out to guests to use as their RSVP.

Finally, there was a fabulous vintage crescent moon created by our uncle Tony and painted by our brother Barry which was the backdrop of many an awesome photo.

We then bopped the night away to the funkiest, danciest tunes on a carefully selected playlist that Caroline had spent endless hours on...

This was the most imaginative, personal and memorable wedding I've been to. Everyone lent a hand to help the happy couple out and I know they are eternally grateful to everyone.
They themselves put on one hell of a party!

Congratulations you guys, hope you're enjoying the Honeymoon



thesustainablesme said...

Wow - what an event!
Would love to steal your tattoo idea (the only one possible from the long list of amazingness!!)
Where did you get the tattoos?

Dirty Fabulous Vintage said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm not sure where Caroline got the tattoos but I'll check when she gets back from her honeymoon and let you know. Everyone had great fun with the tattoo parlor, especially later on!