Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Something Like A Wedding...The Guests

So this is my last blog post about 'The Wedding!'. That is until we get the official photographs from the amazing Shane of Aspect Photography.
As I mentioned these are images of just some of the guests that attended Caroline and Peters vintage circus themed wedding. As you can see everyone pulled out all the stops...There were a even few Dirty Fabulous dresses to behold on the day.

The guests!

A Dirty Fabulous 1950s blue and white striped prom dress worn by the lovely Aoife with her guy Barry .

The yellow satin 1950s prom dress was from Dirty Fabulous and was worn by the hula hooping lady, Lizzie!   With the clowntastic Hugh and Cera.

Our brother Tony was the Ringmaster for the day...he did a super duper job!

It's my awesome baby, handsome hubby, friend to Dirty Fabulous and reacher of high shelves: Ronan and our very own Breffni.
Featuring Dirty Fabulous website designer, artist extraordinaire & Brother Barry with the Bride

Elizabeth teamed her 1950s teal lace vintage dress & red velvet cap with red underskirt for a beautiful vintage look.

It's my wonderful family and Mumsie. My dress was an emerald green 1950s tulle and sequin number. I added some pom poms to give it a circus feel and I made my clown headpiece. Caroline made baby Rubens moustache dummy!

Rachel and Sean

Our Circusey brothers and nephew Noah

Top hats were de rigueur! My stunning sisters in-law Natalie and Grace, and moi!

A mix of Circus and Carnival folk!

Caroline and our niece Tillie in the hall which was decorated fantastically by artist Ayelet Lalor

Breffni, Mum and Caroline...looking fabulous ladies!!!

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