Thursday, 23 February 2017

It's Oscar Time!

The Academy Awards are the highlight of the award season and probably one of the biggest celebrity red carpet events. 
For decades we've been intrigued by the glamour and glitter of Hollywoods celebrities as this is "THE" event where all the stops are pulled out!

In anticipation of Sunday nights 2017 red carpet I thought I'd show you some photos that we think would completely slay it, even today:

Who needs dresses slashed down to the navel and up to the high... I wanna see something old school!

1947 Christian Dior
1955 Pierre Balmain
1951 Christian Dior
1951 Pierre Balmain
Jane Wyman 1953

Hollywood actress, Loretta Young, knew a thing or two about adding red carper oomph!
She wore this green showstopper to the Oscars in 1948. Talk about making a statement!
The other photos below show Loretta Young in a series of incredible evening gowns that she wore on film.

If, shock horror, you find yourself invited to the Oscars with NOTHING to wear then here are some of our uber glamourous vintage looks from Dirty Fabulous!

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