Thursday, 9 February 2017

Pink and Red.... The colours you're missing out on!!!

Pink and red is one of our favourite colour combinations, but it's not one people often think to try. 
Now's your chance! There's no better time to give it a whirl than during a romantic week in February!

If you don't believe how chic and femine these two colours can look, then take some inspiration from some of the original vintage and modern images we've chosen for you...

Image from Harpers Bazaar, 1951

 Isn't this the kind of outfit you'd like to wear when wakling the dog!!! 
Image from 1959

1960's pink and red air hostess uniforms...ultra short!!!

Adding a splash of red with the accessories in Vogue 1955

 Another pretty 50's ensemble with bright gloves and necklace. 
Image from Moygashel Fabrics 1959

Now, how to turn these inspirations into reality:

We love how these modern looks have a nod towards the past.

Tea length skirt, statement blouse, cape and travel case. Super chic! 
Image via Pinterest

The hot pink sweater and tea length skirt has created a much bolder look. It's classic with a vibey edge.
Image via Pinterest

If skirts aren't your thing then how about some 1940's style tailoring?
Lena Hoschek 2016 fashion

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