Thursday, 21 May 2015

Make our Society just a little bit Nicer and Vote Yes!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day! It's time to show your support, common sense and empathy by voting a huge big YES for marriage equality.
You'll know by now that Dirty Fabulous feels strongly about this. I just received my first 'No' flyer through the door and oh how it made my blood boil. The inaccurate reasons it implies baffle me. It really does astound me that "marriage equality" is something we have to vote on.
From my point of view I am a happily married woman with two young children. I love being married. It makes me feel content and secure. Explain to me again why we are stopping others from experiencing this through marriage?

Apparently it's for the children...
I am lucky enough to be able to work from home and spend most of my time with my two little boys. They are extremely happy, sociable and confident. For someone to tell me that they wouldn't be like this if I happened to be married to a woman makes me pretty mad. It is love, support and good parenting that makes children happy. Not the parents gender or how they came into the family.
Having seen my children passed to their father as soon as they were born I also know that if his love was the only thing they ever saw then it would be enough for them. If he was gay and had a husband then lucky them...double the love. A newborn baby could just as easily be passed into the arms of two heterosexual, unloving and irresponsible parents. I know which I would prefer. If a baby is lucky enough to have one or two gay, loving parents then it is our job as a community to be open and accepting.

We were raised by a strong, open minded, single mother. I never once felt that her love wasn't enough and my brothers and uncles were the most amazing male role models I could ever hope for.
Being gay or straight does not affect a persons ability to be a good and loving parent. I have close friends who I know are going to make the most amazing parents ever, I'm excited for when that day arrives but I want Ireland to step up and make things a little easier for them. Being a parent is no easy task at the best of times, without throwing in discrimination and bullying.
If my children are gay I want them to know they are just like everyone else. They shouldn't have to question themselves and ask why they can't get married. More than anything I want my children to be happy. Living in a compassionate, equal and caring society will benefit all of our children no matter what other trials in life they face.

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Beautifully said Kathy.