Thursday, 7 May 2015

Every Girl Needs The Perfect Handbag!

There's no doubt about it, whatever the occasion, we just can't leave the house without a handbag. There are times when we just need a work horse of a bag that we can dump all our necessities in without streamlining them. There are other times when all you need is for your bag to look good and practicality goes flying out the window.
Well before you ditch everything but a mobile phone and credit card consider the wonder that is a vintage handbag. 
Retro ladies were the queens of necessity and heaven forbid they left the house without their compacts to powder their noses, hankies and purses...The result: cute, usable, day and evening bags!!! 

Colour Popping:

1960's red beaded bag €130

1960's sherbet orange patent box bag €140

1960's pink evening bag with rhinestone opening €130

1960's orange beaded bag €70

1950's turquoise box bag €90

Elegant Neutrals:


1940's fudge fabric clutch with lucite clasp

1950's taupe chevron bag €90

1950's patent coffee box bag €110

1940's olive and gold snakeskin bag €160

Ivory Evenings:

1960's cream and ivory beaded evening bag €70

1950's 'mint condition' designer, Nieman Marcus beaded evening bag €140

1940's french, designer bag by Josef's
white beaded evening bag with gold and rhinestone filigree opening €140

1960's oval ivory beaded evening bag €110

1950's scalloped beaded ivory evening bag €110 

1950's white lizard box bag with gilt, beaded opening €160

1960's scallop shape, ivory beaded evening bag €95

1960's white cabochon beaded bag €80

1960's diamond pattern, ivory beaded evening bag €110

1960's designer beaded evening bag by Bonwit Teller €130

1960's white satchel style bag €140

1960's white raffia bag with lucite handle €100

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