Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Goddess Gorgeousness!

When Kristina sent us in her gorgeous photos from her recent wedding we were delighted, they are so beautiful!

She picked one of our original 1970's goddess gowns. This, one of a kind dress, looked like it was made for her, it just seemed perfect the second she put it on! I also made her a beaded and jeweled headpiece to finish off the glamorous ensemble. The cream and golden tones of the piece were stunning with her luscious auburn curls. Kristina is planning to keep her beautiful vintage gown and give it to her daughter, which is just so cute! 

We're always encouraging people to treasuring their amazing vintage pieces for future generations! You are now in possession of a little piece of fashion history, don't you know! 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
Congratulations to you both : )

xxx Caroline xxx

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