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A Beloved Noir Portrayal

We're beyond excited to be able to share this hauntingly beautiful shoot on Halloween.
This masterpiece shoot was the co-creation of  Roxanne Parker, an incredibly talented stylist and photographer Gerry Balfe Smyth. The shoots focal point was on the incredible hair which was conceived by the Creative Team at Davey Davey. The hair stylists have shied away from the classic coiffed do's that could so easily have been paired with such an evocative shoot and have instead created tousled Art Nouveau tresses that are both classic and courageous.
 Involving a large team of fabulous people who worked together to produce one of the most gorgeous shoots we've ever had the pleasure of being involved with.

I think you'll agree they are reminiscent of decadent portraiture from a bygone age which is exactly what Roxanne and Gerry were hoping to capture. Indeed, Roxanne's concept was inspired by her years from childhood wandering through art galleries and this love of great art has grown with her as she has made it her mission to visit as many galleries as she can on her travels. The influences of her love of artwork have soaked through the styling to create portraits with attitude. 

I adore the cool edginess of the looks which have been softened with ethereal and dreamy touches. Follow Roxanne down the rabbit hole as she leads you through the conception of work:

"Styling wise I wanted to rebel & do something soft, romantic & painterly for this story but with elements of coolness & hardness mixed with the Romanism of the clothes- touches like multi-stacked rings & undercut hair styles contrasted against the softness of lace.
Or an unexpected hit of gold metallic leather work by Emma Manleys' juxtaposition with layers of tulle by Helen Cody & the faded grandeur of the ribbon woven vintage mink trimmed jacket. 
As I was illustrating Davey Davey's hair collection I really wanted to go against the grain of what a hair orientated shoot tends to be which is usually ultra modern, body & structure conscious & often a little aggressive."  

Look 1: 
Layered Diamonte body chain, €550 Johanna Johnson Knightsbridge 
Neck cuff with mesh tie, Knightsbridge 
1950's Mink & wool fur collar, €75 Dirty Fabulous 
1920's Flapper dress €1,200 Dirty Fabulous
1960's long white gloves, Dirty Fabulous
Large jewel encrusted slave bracelet, Johanna Johnson Knightsbridge 
Crystal encrusted bracelet, Knightsbridge 
Pale pink cable knit over the knee stockings, €14 American Apparel

Look 2:
Layered Diamonte body chain, €550 Johanna Johnson Knightsbridge 
Structured cape, Oliver Doherty Dunkan 
Metallic leather with floral embellishment top, Emma Manley 
Brown laser cut leather necklace (worn as belt), €345 Amy Brannigan Design Centre
1950's Pale gold ribbon jacket with mink collar, €420 Dirty Fabulous 
Cream tulle full skirt, €995  Helen Cody
Pale pink cable knit over the knee stockings, €14 American Apparel

Look 3:
Shoulder piece stylists own
Embellished later chain necklace, €939 Design Centre
Crystal encrusted bracelet with tulle tie, € Knightsbridge
1950's Tulle one shouldered prom €650 Dirty Fabulous 

Look 4:
Layered Diamonte body chain, €550 Johanna Johnson Knightsbridge 
Crystal headpiece,  Johanna Johnson Knightsbridge 
Blush pink bra, Stella McCartney Brown Thomas 
1950's Pale gold ribbon jacket with mink collar €420
Crystal embellished wrist cuff,  Knightsbridge 
High waited briefs €48.50 Wacoal Brown Thomas 
Long netted skirt with low hanging crinoline, Helen Cody 

Look 5:
Stacking rings, from €4.95 H&M
Leather work dress, Oliver Doherty

Look 6:
Victorian pale gold silk and lace cape  €380 Dirty Fabulous 
Diamonte layered body chain, Johanna Johnson, Knightsbridge 
Gem encrusted scalloped neck piece, Johanna Johnson Knightsbridge 
Vintage lace long sleeved blouse, Helen Cody 
Stacking rings, from €4.95 H&M 
Large jewel encrusted slave bracelet, Johanna Johnson Knightsbridge 
Torn "Hayden" boyfriend jeans, €68 Topshop

Look 7:
Mother of pearl and antique gold pendant necklace, Design Centre, 
Earrings, from €.4.95 H&M
See through Lace flop length dress, POA Helen Cody 

Look 8:
Neck piece, POA Oliver Doherty, Design Centre
Black lace slip, €92 Triumph Brown Thomas 
Black lace bra, €215 Myla Brown Thomas 
Black sheer mesh dress, €400 Jill de Burka Design Centre  

Look 9: 
Buffalo earring, drop cross earring and ear cuff, all H&M, from €4.95
Diamonte and crystal embellished capelet with Diamonte front clasp, Joanna Johnson, Knightsbridge 
Lace bra, €68 Wacoal Brown Thomas 
Structured silk petal bodice, €1195 Helen Cody
High waisted briefs with lace detailing, €35.50 Wacoal Brown Thomas 
Knee length white net skirt, €199 Ailis Mara Design Centre 
White fabric crinoline cage, Helen Cody 
Nude cable knit over the knee stockings, €14 American Apparel 

Look 10:
Neckpiece, Bláithín Ennis
Long haired Fur stole, Dirty Fabulous

The Credits:

Stylist:                  Roxanne Parker
Styling assistants: Yve Byrne
                              Rebecca O'Byrne
                              John Burrows

Photographer:        Gerry Balfe Smyth
Photographers Assistant:  Ian McDevitt

Make up:               Vivien Pomeroy
Hair:                      Paul Davey, Ian Davey, 
                              Stephen Boyle, Maricia Horan 
                              Creative team at Davey Davey

Models:                 Suzi
                              Cat D

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