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Which fashion era is for you? Part 2: 1940's to 50's

1940's - The War Years

Images courtesy of  My Vintage Vogue

Another favourite era here in Dirty Fabulous.
 The war effected everything during these times, and fashion was no exception.
Hem lines once again rose as fabrics were rationed. Most luxurious fabrics like silk were either being utilised by the war effort or the factories which made them were used instead to make ammunition's.
Dirty Fabulous Henri Bendal 1940's duck egg parachute silk gown

Many of the 1940's garments are made out of rayon, synthetic jersey and other man made fabrics.

Dirty Fabulous 1940's ivory crepe wedding dress with rhinestone beading

 Fashion was utilitarian and the military influenced the style.
Decadence was a thing of the past, instead sublime tailoring is what made these piece stand out as each item had to last many seasons.
Image courtesy of ByGone Fashion

One of the most popular ways to dress up a look was to wear a hat. Hats began to be made out of pretty much everything and were the focus of a complete style.
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Dirty Fabulous 1940's pale blue velvet hat

1940's cream rayon dress with gold beading

Under German rule, France lost it's position of the Haute Couture capitol and new American and English designers began to emerge.
Towards the end of this era, Christian Dior unveiled a collection which was deemed "The New Look".

Above Christian Dior images courtesy of The Met Museum

Dior's collection returned to accentuating the female form once more. Waists were nipped in to tiny sizes, busts were worn pert and prominent and skirts were voluminous.
The New Look is undoubtedly my complete favourite and it's appeal lasted right into the 1950's and 60's. It remains one of the most classically appealing vintage styles today.

Dirty Fabulous 1940's slate blue taffeta and tulle evening gown

Dirty Fabulous, New Look, Harry Keiser ivory bridal tea length dress with sequin blue leaf detail

The 1950's 
After the sombre war years the 1950's opened with an optimistic outlook which included the fashion industry.
After years of tough work lives that involved little or no dressing to impress, women were ecstatic to again once be able to express their femininity and indulge in a little fashion luxury.
This wasn't welcomed by all women though, as they had finally begun working in positions equal to their male counterparts they just as suddenly were expected to return to their homes and dress to impress.

Dirty Fabulous 1950's tulle blush prom dress

Dirty Fabulous 1950's ivory taffeta wedding gown

Images from Pinterest

Dirty Fabulous 1950's nude lace prom dress and saucer hat

Luckily for us, fashion will always be part of society and Dior's New Look silhouette flourished.
The two main shapes were a voluminous skirt and a very narrow pencil skirt. Both were worn with as nipped in a waist as possible. 

Images courtesy of My Vintage Vogue

Dirty Fabulous 1950's floral prom dress

Dirty Fabulous 1950's black and whiter floral prom dress 

Dirty Fabulous 1940's ivory satin bridal prom dress

Hollywood movies once again became exceptionally important to the world of fashion. Who nowadays doesn't love watching a lavish film from the 1950's. The clothing is usually breathtakingly decadent. Just think of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and Marilyn Munroe in How to Marry A Millionaire.

Dirty Fabulous 1950's nude lace wiggle dress with crystal drape sash

Dirty Fabulous 1950's aqua organza wiggle dress with rhinestone lace detail

Dirty Fabulous 1950's mink taffeta wiggle dress with ruched shoulders

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It was still as important in the 50's to accessorise impeccably. Hats, gloves and bags where all staples that no fashionable  lady would leave the house without.
Oh to live in a time like that...

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