Tuesday, 25 February 2014

1950's Pastels for Pretty Bride and an Award Winner!!!

The gorgeous Alma, wore a Dirty Fabulous vintage, dusky pink lace 1950's prom dress for her recent wedding and she complimented it with a short veil and cardigan.
As bridesmaid, her sister wore a Dirty Fabulous vintage, 1950's duck egg blue taffeta 1950's prom dress.
The overall look was so pretty and unique!

Congratulations are also in order for Alma who won an award at the
Irish Times Theatre Awards on Sunday night for Best Sound for Riverrun , directed by Olwen Fouéré and Kellie Hughes for The Emergency Room, The Galway Arts Festival and Druid Lane Theatre, Galway.
She even wore a Dirty Fabulous 1950's red satin wiggle dress for the occasion!

Woohoo, go Alma! (second from left)

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