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Which fashion era is for you? Part 1:The Belle Epoque to the 1930's

The Belle Epoque 

The Belle epoque was a time of great luxury and wealth for a select portion of society. It was an era which ran from 1890 to 1914.
Fashion at the time was purely an indulgent hobby and a way for the ladies in high society to showcase their wealth.
Garments were extremely elaborate, extravagant and painstakingly made! 
High neck blouses, ruffles, embroidery and puffed sleeves were signature elements of the time, with low-cut necklines and bare backs fashionable for evening wear.
Corsets were an absolute must and ladies were remoulded into an exaggerated S-silhouette that was popular at the time.

It was absolutely beyond comprehension to wear clothing that didn't require a third party to help you into, in fact it would have been vulgar to get dressed on your own!

1913 Tea Dress

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Towards the end of the era, also referred to as the Edwardian or Titanic era, corsetry and ladies silhouettes became looser, fashion became more innovative and women became freer.
Downton Abbey has been able to highlight many of the styles from this era from the constricting outfits worn by Maggie Smiths, Dowager Countess to the younger ladies of the house looser and more feminine dresses.

The 1920's - Flappers and Coco Chanel

After the First World War fashion became more dynamic. Trends changed quickly, hem lines rose and fell and hair styles became more daring with the introduction of the blunt bob.
Women abandoned the corsets and began wearing loose fitting "Flapper Dresses" on their boyish frames.
Coco Chanel also championed the wearing of suits and sports wear on a daily basis. Her look was more restrained and chic.

Louise Brooks, Flapper icon!

Cloche hats and elaborate headpieces became hugely popular as they could be worn easily with the shorter bobbed hairstyle of the time.

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1920's Chanel fashion

Dirty Fabulous 1920's cream silk, beaded, flapper dress

1930's - Hollywood Glamour

Captured in the decadence and glamour of the movie stars of the era, the 1930's saw fashion take on a more elegant and womanly appearance.
Waists became nipped in once more and dresses were cut on the bias and draped seductively to show of feminine curves.
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Courtesy of The Met

1930's Vogue from My Vintage Vogue
The Great Depression meant that restraint was used by both designers and customers. Fashion became practical but sophisticated.  New, cheaper fabrics were introduced and fashion started to become more accessible to the masses.
Hollywood did allow for most to get lost in the heddy glamour, which was a much needed form of escapism.

Bette Davis in the 1930's

1930's fashion has had a huge revival recently as designers such as Jenny Packham and Ellie Sabb recreate the bias-cut, draping of this time. 
I adore the 1930's. The original fashion offers a real feast for the eyes as do the movies of this era. You could easily get lost in this world of glamour!

Dirty Fabulous 1930's blush silk wedding dress 

Dirty Fabulous 1930's chartreuse velvet gown

lace collar detail on Dirty Fabulous candlelight silk wedding gown

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