Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year...And we're Back!!

We hope you all had a fun filled Christmas and New Year break. We had lots of family time which was great fun.
As a logistical test run for our next big buying trip we went to Copenhagen with our husbands and Kathy's two little boys, Ruben 2 yrs old and Charlie 2 months old.
It was a success : ) Ruben loved the airplane and Charlie slept through the whole flight so USA 2014 is a go!!!
We stayed in an apartment rented through airbnb, a great resource for traveling. You get to stay in fabulous homes and feel like a local! It was a really gorgeous apartment on the city's french cuisine street!

Staying in an apartment was a great way to chill out, especially somewhere expensive like Copenhagen. You can cook your meals, really relax and use it as a home away from home from which to explore.
We always rent apartments like this on our buying trips to New York too, it's a great way to see how other people live. 

We had our New Year's eve dinner in the fabulous dining room and then watched the fireworks explode all over the city. It was like being in the blitz...absolutely insane, the whole city goes bananas!

Here are a few snaps from our trip, it's a beautiful city, expensive even by Dublin's standards but worth it for the Tivoli Gardens alone!

This is the entrance gates to the Tivoli Gardens, it opened in 1843.
Walt Disney visited the park with his wife while researching his plans for Disneyland. He said he wanted to emulate Tivoli's " happy and unbuttened air". Disneyland opened 4 years after his visit. 

my new house. (actually it's a restuarant in Tivoli gardens!)

There are lots of architectural gems in Copenhagen, this is the Savoy Hotel in Vesterbro, built in 1905, really gorgeous exterior.

This was on top of another really cool art deco building, The Astoria, built in 1934.
I would like this in my house. 

This was some kind of metal box on the sidewalk, maybe housing gas/electrical access.  Really not sure what this was, I only knew it was fabulous and I wanted it!

As we were there between Christmas and New Years unfortunately a lot of places were closed for the holidays. This slightly sinister but totally awesome clown was in the window of a gorgeous little shop selling antique and vintage toys. This was down a little side street near Nyhavn.

We discovered this lovely tea room by chance on our way to a park on New Years Eve. It was called "Te Amo". The owner was a total sweetie, we had giant hot chocolates and yummy port from dainty vintage crystal glasses.

An outdoor ice rink in front of the park.

Another place we visited was a fabulous vintage store called FN92. We can't help ourselves, wherever we go we research any vintage stores in the vicinity! Our patient husbands waited outside in the cold with the buggy (too many steps!) while we perused the treasure trove.
A big Hello to the ladies in FN92!!!
We were so excited we forgot to take photos, sorry!!!!!!

So we just have to take down the tree and decorations in Dirty Fabulous HQ, have a good spring clean and we will be ready to welcome you all in for a new year of fabulous vintage style and glamorous gowns!!

See you next week!

xxx Caroline xxx

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Siobhan Walls said...

Great post Caroline - thanks and a happy new year.