Monday, 17 June 2013

Portrait photography - old school!

Portrait photography has been around virtually since cameras themselves were invented.
 I love old photographs, the colour and character are so different from modern photography. Now there are a million and one camera phone apps and easy to use photo editing treatments that can recreate the style of these shots but I still love the original printed photographs, particularly the earlier ones which tend to have beautiful ivory serrated or crimped edges. 

I have selected a few interesting studio portraits where the sitter is in formal costume of some kind, If you have ever been anywhere where they are doing these shoots I recommend you try it out for a bit of fun!  I am including a couple I have done over the years too!

First up! This is Oscar Wilde in traditional Greek costume in 1877

This group of 4 girls, taken in 1875, has some odd props! The first time I saw it I thought they were dressed as witches but if you look again there are no actual pointed hats it just seems that there are! Also the broom and taxidermy all add to the intrigue! If you consider the fact that this photo was taken 138 years ago I think the girls look extremely modern!

This one was also taken in the 1800s, it's a very striking look and I'm sure she would have chosen the very finest outfit she owned for the portrait. (I'm not sure how practical  her hat would be now!)

This is myself and my husband Peter taken in the Josef Seidl photographic studio in Český Krumlov during our honeymoon last year.

This is myself and Kathy in Miss Moon's vintage portrait parlour, taken at Electric Picnic a number of years ago....

And this is myself and the menfolk of my family decked out for the wild west! This was taken at the Ulster American folk park outside Omagh if I remember correctly circa 1983 ish.

 I love the ridiculousness of these photographs! It's good to poke fun at yourself and not take life too seriously all the time.

x Caroline x 

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