Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Behind The Candelabra Dirty Fabulous Stylee!

We had a Liberace themed night on Monday in preparation of seeing Behind The Candelabra.
If you've missed the hype about this film then be prepared for an awesome rhinestone and feather spectacle.
The film delves in to the relationship between the infamous Liberace and his boy toy Scott, played to perfection by Matt Damon.
It's hard to believe at times that you are watching Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, in fact the whole film is brilliantly cast.
Liberace was an insanely eccentric, extremely wealthy performer and his relationships were less than conventional.
I won't say any more on the film but I'd definitely recommend it and our whole group loved it!

Rob Lowe's character was hilarious!

"Can you see me now?"

To make the most of the evening we dressed up in every rhinestone sparkle we could put our hands to!

I provided some camp and retro nibbles for the evening and plied my guests with not one but three boozy cocktails (mocktails for me only!) which included 
Cucumber and Mint Lemonade Cocktails
A Badly Behaved Shirley Temple
Pink Sugar rimmed Pomegranate Champagne Cocktails

After all this I took the easy way out for dessert and built a fabulously retro tower of Ferrero Rocher and After Eight Mints!!!

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