Thursday, 2 May 2013

Which Shoes would you Choose?

Ah old nemesis...or at least my bank accounts nemesis!
I lurve shoes of all shapes, sizes and styles, I really don't like to play favourites.
I'll jump from heels to boots, from sandals to spectators.
That said, I am totally devoted to vintage and that means having the right footwear to set off  an  array of dresses.
Now I never mastered the art of running over cobbles a la Carrie Bradshaw, nor can I carry my growing toddler in skyscrapers (I'm looking at you Victoria Beckham who is obviously held aloft by some giant puppeteer in the sky!) but I can walk around in near smug certainty that wearing my strappy Mary-Jane's or T-bars I will stay upright for the most part of the day...hopefully!!!
Below are a few current vintage style shoes that could be just what you are looking for...or maybe they're what I'm looking for???

Granny Chic

Classic t-bars from Agnes and Norman

Just like they used to wear from Agnes and Norman

Soft dove grey from Dune

Art deco styling from Dune

1930s style rust beauties from Revival Retro

Rockin' Retro

Coral and navy Mary-Jane's from Ruby Shoo (I need these now!!!)

Contrasting purple and orange T-bars from Ruby Shoo

Turquoise and fushia T-bars from Ruby Shoo

Navy polka dot and red T-bars from Ruby Shoo
Green and white with black polka dots platforms from Office

The Blushing Bride

1940s style peep-toe with bow ties by Rachel Simpson

Art Deco style peep-toe by Rachel Simpson
Metallic detail Mary-Jane's by Rachel Simpson

Design Diva's

Can't find exactly what you are looking for?
Then consider designing your very own bespoke pair on Shoes Of Prey

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