Thursday, 16 May 2013

And So The Verdict Is....

Vintage glamour rolled onto O'Connell Street at the Savoy last night for the Irish premiere of The Great Gatsby.
The Dirty Fabulous verdict is... 'Fabulous Dahlink!'
Despite receiving mixed reviews from the critics we thought it was excellent. Shockingly I hadn't read the book but had seen the Robert Redford version many moons ago so I was vaguely familiar with the story.
Caroline had read the book and thought Baz Luhrmann's film remained true to the depth of F Scott Fitzgerald's classic tale.
I had expected a huge glossy spectacle but I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed the quieter moments in the film too(and there are quite a few).
The Great Gatsby is superbly cast and a visual feast. Baz Luhrmann is renowned for his use of 'of the minute' music in his films which does work very well in The Great Gatsby.
I would have preferred a bit more authentic 1920's jazz as this era had a lot to offer in terms of musicality.
The costumes, make-up and sets are as jaw-droppingly beautiful as the photos and trailers led us to believe. There is so much going on that personally I would give the 3D version the miss and concentrate on whats happening on screen. We will definitely be going to see it again as it's easy to miss all the beautiful detail.
Below are some snaps of the fabulous movie goers who upped the glam stakes at the premier. 
We of course donned our vintage capes and show girl headpieces for the night!

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