Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Gillian Bell Illustration: Capturing your Fashion Moment!

How do you pick a present that will endure? We all want to give a gift that our best gal will treasure, but with so much choice it can be hard to know where to start.
Gillian contacted us recently and offered to illustrate a couple of our vintage dresses and we jumped at the chance. We adore art in all it’s many guises and fashion illustration is up there. Our life in vintage fashion has meant that we’ve spent a lot of time researching fashion history and have come across some of the most wonderful illustrations of dresses from the past.
Gillian’s drawings are truly beautiful and would make such a thoughtful gift for a bride, debs or even for yourself!

Fashion illustration has the ability to bring a dress to life. It has a wonderful way of showing how something might look when worn and can give a real sense of movement. We adored Gillian's interpretation of our 1950's, Priscilla of Boston, lace and tulle wedding gown.

Next up, was one of the most incredible evening dresses we have in store. A 1950's, Emma Domb, fiery red, satin evening gown with sequin flames. This ones a showstopper and Gillian's illustration highlights all it's glamorous details!  
Gillians Instagram page has many examples of her work from debutantes, brides and well known faces including the lovely Rebecca Rose who like us, hails from Monaghan and we've had the pleasure of meeting. Her outfit for the Dublin Horse Show was gorgeous and made a stunning illustration!

Gillian's work is priced from €155 (A5) to €195 (A4) for completely original, hand-drawn and framed works. 

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